Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Double Feature! Fast & Furious 6 and Now You See Me

Sooooo I'm moving clear across the country in a week.  WHOA!  A WEEK!  I need to pack.  Huh.  Anywhoodle, I managed to squeeze in two movies this past weekend but had totally forgotten to post about them.  Hey, I'm still better than Tracy and Jonathan who have been sitting on their Star Trek post for weeks.  Just kidding!  Love you guys!

So this will be quick and relatively painless because I have some packing to do.

Fast & Furious 6 was a good movie.  And not in the sense of how Fast 5 was good 'for a Fast and Furious movie' but actually good.  Sure, the large, overly muscled men grunted at each other a lot.  And yes, Michelle Rodriguez growled along with them.  And the stunts were beyond ridiculous.  The death toll was INSANELY high.  The damage was beyond comprehension.  BUT IT WAS STILL GOOD!  I think it helps that there's a big enough cast to distract you from any one person's performance.  Oh and we get to see Michelle Rodriguez brawl with one of my girl-crushes Gina Carano.  Oh and Luke Evans was the perfect villain.  He was Bond-level, which is a good thing for this kind of franchise.  So if F&F is your bag, you won't be disappointed.  Plus it was in London, how bad can it be?

And now for the #2 movie last weekend...Now You See Me.  Aside from the twisty end, which I still don't buy, I really enjoyed this film.  It was fun, funny, clever and exciting.  The magic was trippy, the acting was great, the story was interesting and the pacing was pretty good.  NYSM had a stellar cast (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrleson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher [she's busy lately], Dave "the less obnoxious" Franco, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.  Woody had to be my favorite (he got the best lines) and Eisenberg my least favorite (I don't buy him as a cool guy).  It's the perfect summer movie.  So sit back, relax, munch on some popcorn and enjoy yourself.  You won't be sorry.  Just let me know if you think the ending/explanation was hinky.

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