Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rental review - Unknown

Director: The dude who directed Orphan
Stars: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, and January Jones

Oh, January Jones.  Why does it seem that I cannot escape you?  How do you get so much work?  But I am determined to say something nice, right?  Uh, her hair looks like it is very soft. Though it's waaaayyy too blonde...ooops, there I go again.

Overall the movie was fine. I didn't even mind the explanation of Neeson's memory loss and the reason Aidan Quinn seemingly took over his life.  In fact it was a twist I didn't see coming and usually I see that kind of stuff from a mile away.  Shot solely in Berlin the movie looked just as blue as that poster on the right.  I know Berlin is a bit gloomy at times but this movie made it seem really, well, blue in the most depressive sense of the word.  However the blue of the city did bring out the blue of Aidan Quinn's eyes.  Post-resolution the city did lose it's blue tint and the sun decided to come out.  How handy was that?

The acting was mostly good.  Liam Neeson did a fine job even though he growled most of his lines.  But I get it, he was frustrated and not too many people believed him.  One character that did seem to buy his story was Diane Kruger's Gina.  I think I would like Diane Kruger more if she didn't already have the best boyfriend in the world:.
I'm so silly!  He's not even in this movie.
Anywhoodle, I had some trouble believe Helen of Troy would drive a taxi but Kruger held her own against a snarling Neeson.  I was thrilled to see German actor, Bruno Ganz.  This is how nerdy I am that I'm excited about a 70-year old actor who happened to be in my favorite Wim Wenders movie, Wings of Desire.  See? I've mentioned Wenders in two different posts.  I'm not even a fan of German filmmaking  in general but no one shoots Berlin like Wenders.  Comparisons were bound to be made as I watched Unknown.

Honestly the best part of the movie was what happened to Ms. Jones.  Best end of January Jones, er, a January Jones movie ever.  Ha!  Did I just ruin the movie?  Sorry.

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