Monday, February 18, 2013

Last night's Walking Dead



The episode opens at the prison with birds chirping on a sunny morning and a crazy Rick watching Lori’s ghost stand by her grave in a pretty, white dress.  So, of course, he goes to talk to her.  By the time he gets to the grave she’s moved outside the gate.  He runs to her and she stays put this time.  Lori’s ghost touches his face, he melts into her touch and we see what Michonne sees…a crazy man, standing alone.

In Woodbury, Andrea gets a visit from the Governor who compliments the speech she gave to the townspeople to calm them down.  She asks about retaliation against the prison group and he tells her that as long as they leave them alone, there’s no reason for it.  Oh and he wants Andrea to step in as interim Governor for a while.  I’m guessing he’s gonna be busy with that non-existent retaliation. 

THE DIXON BOYS!  Honestly these two could have their own show.  They’re hiking through the woods, hungry and disagreeing about how to do things.  Poor Daryl.

Back at the prison, Glenn is devising a plan to hold off the Governor.  He wants Michonne to help since she knows where his place is.  Michonne agrees without actually saying yes. She really doesn’t talk unless absolutely necessary.  Glenn and Hershel go back and forth about staying at the prison or moving on (former wants to stay and latter thinks they should go).  Glenn makes good points that being on the road was easier when Hershel had two legs and they didn’t have a baby with them.  Then again, Hershel thinks it’s better than staying there like sitting ducks.

Next stop on the Governor’s tour of tying up loose ends is a visit with Milty the science guy.  The Governor tells him how valuable he is, how he thinks of Milty as a friend, yada, yada.  Then the Governor sures up Milty’s loyalty by asking if he’d take a bullet, which Milty agrees to.  Unfortunately the Governor questions Andrea’s loyalty and wants Milty to keep an eye on her, you know, since the Governor doesn’t have one to spare…  Meanwhile, Andrea is looking for Martinez and then wants to know where the Governor has gone off to.  All Milty says is that he’s on a “run.”

A section of the prison is overrun again with walkers so Glenn wants to do a check of the far side.  I’m thinking they mean the section where Tyrese’s group came in, which leads me to wonder where they got off to.  Before heading out, Glenn checks on Maggie and pretty much forces her to recount exactly what when down when the Governor humiliated her.  Glenn reaches for her but Maggie slaps him and then slaps him a few more times before shoving him away.  They have got to get fixed, y’all.  Daryl gone and Glaggie fighting?!?!  No bueno.  We catch up with Carol and Axel who spills what he did to land in prison.  She shows him how to use the gun he’s been given and he compliments her.  This time is cute instead of creepy like when he was hitting on young Beth.

The Dixon boys (!) are still wandering and bickering when Daryl hears a baby cry in the distance.  Merle is convinced it’s some animals getting it on but they spot a group of survivors fighting off some walkers.  Daryl rushes off to help them but, of course, Merle can’t be bothered and would rather not waste bullets on strangers.  What a stand-up guy he continually proves to be.  Merle, never change you racist jerk.  Daryl and his crossbow help out quite a bit and even Merle takes out one walker.  However it’s Daryl who gets the kill of the week…decapitation by Subaru!  I rewound it twice.  The folks they’re rescuing are Spanish-speakers so Merle starts in with the racial slurs and tries to relieve them of some of their supplies but Daryl stops him with his crossbow.  The boys finally revisit the recent past and even go back to their childhoods.  It’s revealed to Merle that their dad beat on Daryl too and Merle, who had to leave for his own sake, left Daryl feeling pretty abandoned back then.  So Daryl decides to go back to the prison (yay!) and Merle begrudgingly follows.

Glenn is taking a shiny new-ish pick-up out to go who knows where (Woodbury? the back of the prison?) and Hershel tries to stop him.  It’s at this point I realize we haven’t seen Rick since the beginning and it’s like they read my mind because Hershel gets a load of Rick wandering around outside the gate.  Rick hears his name and is a little creeped out until he realizes it’s just Hershel who has hobbled his ass down there to talk.  Rick tells him that he’s been seeing ghosts, namely Lori and Shane back when they were in Woodbury.  He knows they aren’t real but feels like they’re appearing to him for a reason and is waiting for some sort of answer.  It’s obvious to Hershel that Rick is in need of a good night’s sleep (one of the first things to drive a person crazy is a lack of sleep).

We join up with Carol and Axel who are still chatting about life when Axel gets shot in the head.  HOLY CRAP, Y’ALL!!!   It’s the damn Governor on that retaliation mission he didn’t see as necessary.  He’s unnecessarily shooting at everyone and has 3 guys with him who are doing the same.  One, Martinez I’m guessing, is shooting at Rick and Hershel, one is in a pick-up next to the Governor (who is standing in the open) and one is up on a tower.  All of our folks are shooting back as best they can but it’s not doing much good.  The shooting stops when a truck comes speeding up to the outer gate and blows right through it.  Nothing happens for what seems like forever until the back doors open and a mess of walkers amble out.  Great.  The only good things about this cluster eff is that it forces Rick to rejoin the living and Michonne gets to use her katana.  Rick comes WAAAAYYY too close to getting overtaken by a few walkers when one gets an arrow through the head.  DARYL IS BACK!!!  He and Merle rush in and help Rick with his current walker problem.  Glenn speeds up, passes the Governor’s truck as it speeds away, and picks up some of the folks to bring them inside to safety.  Rick gives Daryl a nod to welcome him back but then we realize they’re still on the wrong side of the fence and there are a ton of walkers between them and the inside of the prison.  The episode ends on a close-up of an incredibly pissed-off Rick. 


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