Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Dead End" (Angel 2.18): All About Lindsey

Both Jenn and I realize that the actual point of this episode is to chronicle the increasingly debilitating effects of Cordy's visions on her body and mind. But both Jenn and I actually like the episode for its focus on that rascally Wolfram & Hart associate, Lindsey McDonald. His arc, at least for this season is completed in a compelling fashion during this episode. So let's take a look at the Angel Guide to Getting an Evil Hand and Freeing a Good Heart

DO look good while you're melting down.  I've always had a soft spot for Lindsey--his doomed love for Darla, his frustration at being a good man in a bad world--in a lot of ways, he's Angel's double, and this episode makes that more clear than ever as they must work together to undo some particularly nasty medical malfeasance. But I must say, the first thing I noticed in the opening Lindsey montage wasn't his plastic hand, but the stylin' bracelet he wears.

Sort of looks like something a tween would buy from Claire's, but whatever.

DO be suspicious of the Wolfram & Hart Insurance Plan. Everything seems to be normal with Lindsey's hand transplant

And by "normal," I mean "not at all."

 until this little quirk that Jenn aptly identifies as a Shining homage.

Lindsey is about to do a lot less work and a lot more play.

DON'T ignore the The Host. Lorne again proves his desire to remain relatively neutral and make his nightclub a safe place for demons and humans all along the D&D Alignment scale by giving the newly handed Lindsey a spot on stage. Rather than karaoking, LMcD showcases his strumming skillz.

and probably shills for the latest Christian Kane album.

Yup. That's a thing.

Lorne insists that Angel and Lindsey should bury the hatchet and work together, which they adorably do, despite Angel's obvious jealousy over Lindsey's superior singing

Angel's "I'm not impressed" face.

and Lindsey's distaste for Angel's vampiric interrogation style

"You're so gross." (Actual quote.)

What they uncover is a pretty unspeakable body farm that Lindsey liberates in a manic freak-out.

Ugh. Poor guy that's just a torso.

DO enjoy one of my favorite scenes from the series. Lindsey's "I've got an evil hand" monologue/resignation from Wolfram & Hart is equal parts hilarious, disturbing, and satisfying. He shoots a security guard in the foot,

"That's gonna hurt in the morning!" (Actual quote.)

ruffles "Charlie's" hair repeatedly,

Charlie looks like Angel did listening to Lindsey sing.

and cops a feel off Lilah

"Evil!" (Actual quote.)

before warning the partners not to pursue him because of his "evil hand" issues, and riding off into the sunset in his cool truck, which Angel has, um, altered, as a good-bye gift.

Gotta love Angel when he's being immature.

Jenn suspects that Lindsey's parting advice to Angel, to not play W&H's game, but rather to make them play his, is a nod towards season 5 and the role he plays in the end of the series. Both of us wouldn't put it past Joss.

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