Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Partial Retraction - The Following

Previously I stated how much I was enjoying the new Fox show, The Following.  I still like it.  I still think it's compelling and well-acted but I am having an issue with something:

A reminder as to what I said:

5. Lastly, I'm satisfied with the pacing on The Following.  Things happen and the story moves along quite well.  There's action, we learn things about the plot and the characters, and we're assured there's much more to come.  Well done, writers.  Well done.  Oh and the cops/Feds aren't idiots. I can't stand when TV shows or movies make cops into buffoons who can't shoot straight.

Now?  Now I'm pissed at the writers.  The feds are being outsmarted at every turn.  It's getting completely predictable.  They have no edge over serial killer, Joe Carroll, and his nameless, faceless, countless minions.  Ok, followers. However, my woes with the writers isn't going to stop me from watching the show.  I haven't been keeping up with its ratings so I have no idea how close The Following is to possible cancellation, but I would suggest the writers not fall into patterns of bumbling police and too-smart bad guys.  I'm presuming that one of the main feds is a mole, which again is utterly and completely predictable.

In defense of the writers, I can't imagine how completely difficult it is to write fresh, new ideas without falling into being completely predictable.  We're a been-there-seen-that society and have high expectations for entertainment.  So I'm still holding hope that the show is able to throw a curve ball that most of the viewers don't see coming.

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