Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Following, episode 2

"Chapter Two"

What are your thoughts on the second episode of Fox's The Following?  Better than the pilot or not as good?  Are you still watching?  The numbers are surprisingly up from last week, which is good news indeed.  Here's hoping it stays that way.

My thoughts on last night's episode:

1. Of course psychotic killer/cult leader/English professor (could be redundant?), Joe Carroll, had followers who believed in him.  He was a successful matchmaker, even behind bars.

2. I don't particularly care for new addition Annie Parisse, especially on Person of Interest, but I quite enjoy her character on The Following.  I like this character much better than the one they shipped back to Quantico (for letting Bacon's Ryan Hardy break killer Carroll's fingers).

3.  Part of me wishes they picked a less-famous author than Poe but then I have no suggestion as to who would have worked better.  I'm no English professor (or a cult leader, yet).

4. Raylan Givens would not let this happen to Winona:
and Carroll would most certainly pay if he were on Justified.

5. Lastly, I'm satisfied with the pacing on The Following.  Things happen and the story moves along quite well.  There's action, we learn things about the plot and the characters, and we're assured there's much more to come.  Well done, writers.  Well done.  Oh and the cops/Feds aren't idiots. I can't stand when TV shows or movies make cops into buffoons who can't shoot straight.

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