Thursday, June 21, 2012

Potent Notables

Snowdrifter (2012) Short Film from Mack Carruthers on Vimeo.

Thanks to my friend, Jenna, whose students showed her the above video.  I love it ever so much.

A lot of these have been making the rounds so forgive me if they're old news:

- I love a good giggle, especially when it involves tiny hands.

- This just proves what a smart show Buffy is.

-X-Men and Muppets?!?! Yes, please!

- I would like to see this version of The Hunger Games!

- My parents were not at all geeky when I was little (they are a bit more now).  They would have never built me an AT-AT bed.

- Is it possible to love Michael Fassbender more?  Yes.  Yes, it is.

- Why isn’t the word “actress” in quotes in this article?  Can we really call what she does "acting?"  Also, this is just beyond depressing.

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