Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(New) Fall 2012 Television Programming

Are you as excited about fall tv as I am?!?! Probably not because I'm assuming you have better things to do.  I do not.  So because I don't, I decided to take a look at the new shows rolling (some start tonight-check this handy link from CNN).  If you don't like lists, TVGuide.com has a calendar.  Oooo!  Each network has a decent number of new shows and some in their back pockets for 2013 (aka mid-season).  But for now, here's what's coming out:

Elementary** (I quite enjoyed it)

Go On** (Meh; hoping it gets better/funnier)
Revolution** (Actually not too bad; combo of other shows, kinda violent)

CW (heh, I got all distracted at their site because I was checking out ANTM contestants)
Arrow*** (BARROWMAN! The folks at Comic-Con LOVED it; also, if you're a Ninja Warrior fan like myself, he totally does the salmon ladder thing in the show!)
Beauty and the Beast** (Meh but I don't care; I'll still watch it)
Cult*** (THe folks at Comic-Con did not love this; like at all)

* Never heard of it until a couple of days ago

** I’ve seen the pilot

***Didn’t see the pilot but talked to people who did.

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