Friday, September 14, 2012

Trailer Park Time!

A little something for everyone today...

Lincoln - Oscar bait at its finest.

Mama - Gah!  This looks creepy (but kind of awesome)

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Oh that silly Leatherface.  What’s he up to now?

Stand Up Guys - What any movie needs is MORE WALKEN!!!

Wreck-It Ralph - Can’t wait!

Everybody Has a Plan - Whoa.  Viggo speaking Spanish?  Ok, I’m in.

 Smashed - This got rave reviews at Sundance plus Aaron Paul is very hot right now.

Hey look, another Wuthering Heights adaptation

Parental Guidance - I miss Billy Crystal and really hope this is good.

Twilight 7.2 (I refuse to type out the full title)
There are many things that bug me about Twilight, but one thing in particular is the idea of the traveling Volturi.  How did they get from Italy to Washington State?  Do they own a jet?  Perhaps they chartered one?  If not, did they fly commercial?  Can you picture them all going through airport security and then customs?  How would they have filled out those customs forms? Buisness?  Pleasure?  A little of both?

Ginger & Rosa - Brilliant cast, sadly no US release date as of yet

 Cloud Atlas - This has been edited down from the 6 minute trailer released back in July.

Seven Psychopaths - I'm ending with the RED BAND TRAILER.  You have been warned!
Also, this looks pretty freaking great. And it has MORE WALKEN!!!

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