Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 1 of San Diego Comic Con

There is a disturbing lack of swag this year. Plus the studio booths are making it really difficult to get their swag too. You have to get in line to get a ticket to then go get in line again to get a free button, pin, or poster. Boo!

We saw one of our favorite panels yesterday, Psych. I love that show for it's humor and the cast is so great. Plus they love each other and their job.

After that was a pilot and Q&A for the new CW'S reboot of Beauty and the Beast. I like the concept (Beast is a military test program gone wrong) but the pilot was trying too hard and ended up in melodramatic territory. Pretty cast tho if that helps.

Then we saw a pilot and Q&A for the American network version of an updated Sherlock Holmes. I'm incredibly satisfied with the BBC one (except that it's not on enough). I liked it a lot. Jonny Lee Miller was solid as was Lucy Liu as a female Dr. Watson. My friend Dana said it felt a lot like House but then one could argue that House is just a version of Holmes.

Later that night we went to w00tstock and freaking LeVar Burton came out and led the audience in the "Reading Rainbow" song. When I'm back on my computer I'll try to link to some other w00tstock stuff. It was pretty great.

Stay tuned for more from SDCC '12! Also I'm posting from Dana's iPad do I have no idea where those pics will go.

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