Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 3-San Diego Comic-Con

I'm in line again for Hall H. Today is a huge day for many fans here. It's Doctor Who day. I'm not here for the good Doctor though. I'm here for the first panel, Fringe. We'll be heading in soon so this will be brief.

Yesterday- first up was Django Unchained. It's going to be just as good as the best Tarantino films. It's got humor, violence and even some heart. Plus Christophe Waltz!!!

Then was Jake Gyllenhaal's End of Watch. He wasn't there (Boo!) but recorded a message. I'm still unsure of this movie because of the camera techniques but the material sounds good. After that was Silent Hill 2 (officially Redemption or Revolution or Retribution or something). Apparently Sean Bean was in the first one but I had never heard of it. It's based on a scary video game and looks creepy. It has Jon Snow from Game of Thrones if that helps. He wasnt there though and sent no recorded message. The girl in it looks JUST like Michelle Williams.

After that things really got going. Warner Brothers/Legendary pictures did their huge presentation. They even revealed huge wrap around screens up front. The place went bonkers.

First was Pacific Rim with uber-film god, Guillermo Del Toro. When he's in the room you feel like you're in the presence of greatness. The footage for Pacific Rim is sick. Unfortunately we have to wait until July 2013 to see it and Del Toro is going radio silent for at least 6 months to finish it up. I'm placing all my hopes on this being the movie that knocks Avatar out of the top of the $ list.

Then was The Campaign with Will Ferrell (who I enjoy much more in person than in films) and Zach Gallifinakis. We saw a bit more footage than what's in the trailer and it's gonna be a funny film.

After that was the reveal of Effing Godzilla (not the official title). The teaser showed a demolished city and had a grim voice over. We see claws peeking out of the ground, the screen goes black and then you hear that unmistakable shriek. More destruction with a shot of feet emerging from the dust of the city and we see an angry head turns and the shriek again. I think there was more screaming then there was for Twilight. How have they been secretly filming a Godzilla movie?

Man of Steel was next and I think director Zach Snyder is making up for Sucker Punch. It looks great and damn Henry Cavill is hot.

Ugh, the line is moving before I get to The Hobbit. Um we saw some more behind the scenes footage. The cast (Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage!, Sir Ian McKellen!!!, and even Elijah Wood) came out and we got to see over 12 minutes of footage from part 1 and 2!!!!! It looks incredible. I was on such a high yesterday.

I'll really try to post more detail later.

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