Monday, July 30, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Step Up Revolution (heretofore SUR) is as good as it was going to be.  If you can keep that in your mind while watching, then you'll enjoy every minute of it.  It you head into it thinking it could, should or would be something more, then you'll be disappointed.  I have a deep appreciation for movies that know what they are and don't try to be something else (ahem, Showgirls).  This was one of those movies.  They didn't try too hard with the traditional aspects of filmmaking (story, directing, acting, etc.) but they excelled with what they knew would work (choreography and hot actors).

Ok, let's just go ahead and address the story.  Yes, there actually was one or an attempt at one.  It's nothing new.  A rich girl makes friends with the poor kids in town and decides to help them save their community center/dance studio.  If that sounds familiar then you've seen classics like Honey (save the dance studio/youth center) or the actual classic...Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (save the community center).  Also, if you've seen these, WE SHOULD TOTALLY HANG OUT SOMETIME!!!  So yeah, the kids in this movie were desperate to save an entire neighborhood in Miami from the big bad developer who also happens to be the dad of the rich girl trying to help.  (Ooops, should I have said "SPOILER ALERT" before I wrote that?)  Granted no one in SUR is named "Ozone" or "Turbo" but there is a "Moose".  Oh yes, there is a "Moose".  But I'll get to him in a minute.
Soooo the story wasn't anything new.  The acting was sub-par and the film's heavy hitting actor was none other than Sandy Cohen.  Now I love Peter Gallagher and think he's a fine actor indeed, but he literally is the only person in here who has a semi-recognizable name.  That does not bode well for any movie.  I was anxious to see how Kathryn McCormick (above right) would do since I was a big fan of hers when she competed on So You Think You Can Dance.  Unfortunately she seemed uncomfortable almost the entire time.  This is her co-star, Ryan Guzman's (above left), first film too, but he was way more confident onscreen.

However, one does not go to movies such as this to see fine performances in acting.  What one goes to this kind of movie for is DANCE!  Who cares if the story was unoriginal and the cast happened to barely manage their dialogue?  I certainly didn't because the dancing was superb.

"The Mob" first dances for fame and money
Later "The Mob" dances for protest.  Ahhh, how very deep.
As I said, the dancing was great.  I was truly impressed and I see a lot of these kinds of movies and watch a lot of dancing shows.  Not that I'm any kind of judge but I felt like they really brought some new stuff that you don't see all the time.  In fact I'm actually disappointed that I didn't see it in 3D.  I bet it was pretty freakin' cool in 3D. 

Lastly, if you're a fan of the Step Up movies you know it wouldn't be the same without Moose!  I'm ashamed to say that I actually cheered out loud when he finally showed up.  I'm a goofball, I know it.  Oh and I'm going to buy the soundtrack.  It was dope, or sick, or whatever the kids these days say.

How can you not love MOOSE?!?!?

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