Monday, July 9, 2012

Spider Man (maybe not "Amazing" but not bad)

Tracy and I are both out of town, away from our computers, and enjoying every minute of it. I'm doing this one from my friend's iPad so no pics or links.

Before I headed to San Diego for Comic-Con, I did manage to squeeze in a viewing of Spidey Take 2. I'm not going to write anything long and involved (I'll leave that to Tracy if she does get to see it) but I did want to throw in my 2 cents.

Let me first preface this by saying I didn't love the Tobey/Sam Raimi versions. I was beyond excited for this new reboot. I was there at Comic-Con last year when Andrew Garfield made his very impassioned speech to the crowd in Hall H. He's a great actor and i felt confident that he'd do justice to his childhood hero. I loved the director's last movie, (500) Days of Summer. And finally my love for the very talented Emma Stone knows no bounds.

Unfortunately the movie has not gotten the best reviews. I get it. There is nothing new in the script. However I did enjoy it. I was nervous about the first person camera when he's swinging around but it wasn't too bad. Actually it seemed like they only did it a few times. The effects were cool and didn't remind me of a video game (like those other Spidey movies).

The cast was good and the chemistry between Garfield and Stone was palpable. If I didn't already know they were dating I would have figured it out after seeing the movie.

I get what director Marc Webb was doing. There was a decent amount of emotion and action though I would have to say it felt like he leaned more toward the emotion stuff. But he's that kind of director. So can we really hold it against him?

I think what I liked least was villain Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard. Rhys Ifans was meh and the effects on the giant lizard were meh too. Maybe weirdo villains are just tough to do. (Can you say Venom? How about Sandman?)

So it wasn't on the level of Nolan's Dark Knight films but I enjoyed it. I'm hoping Tracy gets to see it and has her usual intelligent stuff to say about the subject matter.

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