Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(500) Things We Love About Blogging

Presented to you, in no particular order, are the things we love about this blog and blogging about pop culture.  The above picture of JGL from (500) Days of Summer is just a bonus. 

(323) Tracy can officially think of watching Dancing with the Stars as “work.”

(61) Alisa’s rants. Particularly against James Cameron, but really, any of them.

(50) Tracy gets to revisit and revel in the horrible fashion choices made on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

(3) This:
Rob James-Collier

(18) Blogging gave Tracy a justifiable excuse to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Why she read the next two in the trilogy is between her and her god.

(27) Snarkiness isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged. 

(192) The opportunity to read smart and funny things Tracy’s friends write about pop culture.

(193) Speaking of...Tracy has her fantastic guest bloggers so Alisa is taking applications!

The Mighty Whedon

(299) There’s a chance, no matter how minuscule, that Joss Whedon might find this and allow Tracy to be a minion to him and his brothers.

(54) The word “Whedonalia”

(9) Tracy got to share what shethought about Melancholia, in excruciating detail, without getting anyone liquored up first.

(301) Knowing that, if Tracy doesn’t catch Being Human, Alisa’s got her back.

(414) Two words: The Bachelor.

(415) Tracy watching The Bachelor so Alisa doesn’t have to

(101) Getting great requests/recommendations that lead Tracy to fabulous shows about three Brits talking cars.

(76) Having a robust library of films to choose from which are guaranteed to be “Better than Conan.”

(56) Being late to parties that are as awesome as Friday Night Lights and Charmed.

(57) Even more late to the party treasures.  It’s gonna be a Doctor Who summer for Alisa!

(8) The fact that the BBC Sherlock exists

(212) Comments!

(213) Crossposts! 

(333) Even when movies are bad, they’re good material.

(47) There will always be adaptations of books made that Tracy can obsess about.

(420) Awards season.

(198) The opportunity to argue why a nighttime soap like Revenge is actually really good television.  Soapy, soapy good television. 

(34) Hating on Riley.

(35) Loving on vampires.

(83) Alisa gets to share her love for cheesy, holiday TV movies

(99) Zombies are mainstream!

(163) Guilty pleasure shows.

(164) Feeling less guilty about guilty pleasure shows

(92) The Oscar menu

(482) When movies like The Artist live up to their hype.

(66) Making sure people don’t miss gems like An Idiot Abroad

(397) The good movies, but especially the bad

(73) Attempts at liveblogging red carpets.  It almost never works right but is fun to do.
(284) Really finding something good to say about a movie, even about Conan the Barbarian

(25) Hating on Cameron.  HE’S WORKING ON AVATAR 2, 3, & 4!!!  Three sequels!  THREE!!!

(295) Three words: Dancing, Coconut. Boobs.

(33) When Tracy discovered the beauty that is Tim Riggins.

(444) That we were, at the exact same time (in two different time zones even) feeling a deep need to vent about Nicholas Sparks.

(96) Tracy’s dad’s comments about The Muppets.  Adorable.

(430) Tracy’s Today in Pop Culture History posts (they're missed but understandably a lot to keep up with on a daily basis).

(88) Stumbling across pictures like this whilst Googling Tom Hiddleston:
You're killing me, Loki!
(300) #300

(13) Recasting The Hunger Games.  Alisa still stands by most of that post.  

(2) Getting to carry on a long-distance geekfest with Alisa!

(1) Tracy. The smartest, funniest friend a girl could blog with.  No one else gets The Covenant like we do.

Stick around for post #666.  Or Damien will get you!

- Tracy and Alisa

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