Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I now give to you five episodes' of Glee.

 “Big Brother” aka Matt Bomer is the best looking man on television.
 - Rachel & Finn didn’t get married
- Quinn’s alive but in a wheelchair
- Blaine’s brother, Cooper Anderson (played by hottie Matt Bomer) is visiting and he’s famous for being in a credit score commercial.  He and Blaine aren’t particularly close.
- Sue finds out her baby is probably going to have Downs Syndrome.  Personally I think she’d be a great mom to a Downs baby.
You're lucky I only posted two pictures of this beautiful, beautiful man.

Songs include: “I’m Still Standing”; “Rio/Hungry Like the Wolf”; “Fighter”’; Up Up Up”; and “Somebody I Used to Know.” 

“Saturday Night Glee-ver” aka My DVR Hates Me
(The first 10 minutes happen and I never see them.  I do know it’s disco night so I’m not totally broken up over it.)
- Apparently this episode is all about having big dreams.  Didn’t they have another episode about dreams?  Finn and Rachel fight because theirs don’t match up or something.  Santana wants to be super famous so Brittany posts a sex tape of them online.  Wow. 
- Finn has an emotional breakdown and Schue’s incredibly helpful advice is to watch Saturday Night Fever.  Oooohkay. 
- Quinn is nowhere to be found so I assume she’s died from complications from her accident.
- Then a bunch of them end up in ‘the suit’ and I really could have been satisfied to have never seen this episode.

Songs include: “You Should Be Dancing”; “That’s the Way (I Like It)”; “How Deep is Your Love”; “Boogie Shoes”; “Disco Inferno”; “If I Can’t Have You”; “More Than A Woman”; and “Stayin’ Alive”

“Dance with Somebody”  aka Whitney night
- They’re supposed to sing Whitney songs to help deal with the loss of Ms. Huston.
- Kurt makes a new, flirty friend and Blaine gets all sorts of jealous.
- Quinn’s alive!  Jesus w/ Dreads is nice to her and helps with her p.t. SPARKS!
- Schue wants to marry Miss Pillsbury next month not next fall. This throws Miss Pillsbury into a tailspin. Turns out he's really upset about the kids graduating and leaving him behind in that hell-hole.  WHAT ABOUT HIS DREAMS OF MAKING IT ON BROADWAY?!?! Or maybe I'm reading into it too much.

Songs include: “How Will I Know”; “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”; “Saving All My Love”; “So Emotional”; “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”; “I Have Nothing”; and “My Love is Your Love”

“Choke” aka Nobody puts Bieste in a corner
- Rachel and Kurt try out for NYADA and Whoopi is their judge.  Kurt’s audition is great.  Rachel chokes.
- Coach Bieste has a black eye and Santana makes an insensitive joke about it.  The girls are tasked with singing a song about domestic violence. They fail their first attempt but succeed on attempt #2.
- Bieste says she got hit by a punching bag but that bag happened to be her hubby.  Boo!
- Finn is upset about Puck possibly not graduating so he gets all the guys to help Puck study.  He still fails.  So Puck’s got another year at McKinley.
I've been there.
Songs include: “The Music of the Night”; “School’s Out”; “Cell Block Tango”; “Not the Boy Next Door”; “Don’t Rain on My Parade”; “The Rain in Spain”; “Shake it Out”; and “Cry”

“Prom-asaurus” aka Brittany is very possibly insane and/or mentally disabled
- Rachel is dealing with the heartbreak of her NYADA audition.  She decides there needs to be an anti-prom for the “disenfranchised” at the school.
- Brittany doesn’t want her crap presidency to be her legacy so she decides to get involved with the prom.  This equates to her changing the theme from Castles in the Clouds to DINOSAURS!  Also she bans hair gel from the prom, which bums Blaine out because no one has ever seen him sans product.
- Quinn is really pushing for her and Finn to get prom queen and king (respectively-though you never know at this school).  She wants to save the fact that she can kind of walk for prom night to surprise everyone.  Sorry Artie, looks like you’ll be the only on in a chair from now on.  (I’m guessing that with the typical story consistencies on this show Quinn won’t even be using a cane next week.)
- Prom is nice and happy and everyone smiles a lot. OH!  Rachel wins prom queen because Quinn, the real winner, was feeling generous.
NOTE: Does anyone in the glee club actually associate with Mike and Tina?  They don’t seem to connect much with the rest of the group when not in the middle of a song.  Speaking of…

Songs include: “Big Girls Don’t Cry”; “Dinosaur”; “Love You Like a Love Song”; “What Makes You Beautiful”; and “Take My Breath Away.”  The latter is sung by Quinn and is perfect for her voice. 

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