Monday, May 14, 2012

The Five-Year Engagement

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Recently my mother, in a very serious tone, said to me, “How are you feeling about Jason Segel dating Michelle Williams?  Are you ok with her?  I mean, since it’s not you is she an acceptable alternative?”  My mother knows me way too well.  Don’t worry, I don’t live in some dream land where I believe that male celebs want to date me and female celebs want to be my friend.  This is, of course, excluding the six minutes that Bill Murray and I were in an actual relationship.  I’m sure most of you are tired of hearing that story so I won’t repeat it.  I assured my mother that I was absolutely fine with his choice of Michelle Williams.  She’s an actress I like and only want the best for (unlike my nemesis Gwyneth-who I wish would wake up to a flat tire every morning). 

So this brings me to Mr. Segel’s latest offering, The Five-Year Engagement.  My dearest Jason not only stars in it with Emily Blunt (who stole another of my imaginary boyfriends but I know she and I would be best friends so I’ve moved on) but he co-wrote it too.  Considering how much I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Muppets, my expectations for liking this movie were kind of high.  Poor Jason.  I still love you (from a very safe distance of over 2500 miles away) but I didn’t love the movie. 

My biggest complaint was that it went on a bit long.  Had there been some careful editing this would have been a winner.  Ok, I’ll admit something…I’m a fan of the montage.  There, I said it.  Segel’s character goes through a bit of a downward spiral.  This could have been alluded to in a tidy little montage but instead it drags on a bit. 

There was plenty of good about it.  Segel and Blunt had lots of authentic chemistry and were fun to watch.  ChrisPratt, lovably goofy as usual, was great.  Especially fantastic was one of our newest national treasures, AlisonBrie.  Girl is talented.  She pulled off a British accent and was great as Blunt’s sister.  My friends and I (shout out to my Girls’ Night Out ladies!) laughed from beginning to end with only a few appropriate lulls.  So I didn’t love it as much as I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I enjoyed myself. 

Also, I wish Jason and Michelle all the happiness in the world.  I’m pulling for you kids.  Truly.

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