Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Lovin'

We’re sooooo close to our 500th (!) post that I couldn’t wait any longer.  This is #499, which is really just here to take up some space so I can get to the one I actually care about.  So now I have to decide what to discuss.  Don’t worry, it won’t be another rant about James Cameron.  I won’t have more to say on that until the Avatar sequels come out.  Instead I’m going to talk a bit about what media addicts like myself do in the summer. 

First I’m going to reveal something very personal and shameful.  I like the Twilight movies.  I KNOW!  I know.  I’m not proud of it but there’s no denying that I own all the movies on DVD.  Last night I found myself with nothing to watch on TV.  I was busy playing with hairstyles and practicing my smoky eye technique for an upcoming wedding.  I’m a girl, I do these things.  Shut up.  So while I was doing that I needed something to be on my television for background noise purposes.  As most shows have ended there was nothing I really wanted to see.  What I should have done was watch the four episodes of The Vampire Diaries that are sitting on my DVR.  What I could have done was watch last week’s 2hr. Glee.  Instead I decided to hate myself a little and pop in Twilight 4.1.  This was the first time I had seen it since it was in the theater and I was really excited at the thought of fast-forwarding through the awful wolves talking to each other scene. 

So as I was hate-watching Twilight 4.1 it got me thinking about the upcoming summer shows.  Thank goodness for cable channels like USA that air their series twice a year.  I can’t wait for Suits, White Collar, Burn Notice and Covert Affairs to start.  Plus TNT has Falling Skies, which wasn’t perfect but was pretty darn good.  A&E has another favorite of mine, The Glades.  Both of those, along with USA’s shows, come back in June.

Oh and I need to also admit that I’m a big fan of dancing.  Whether I’m doing it or someone on my TV is, I love it.  I got tired of Dancing with the Stars and am truly grateful to Tracy for watching it for me.  So You Think You Can Dance is coming back for another season and I’m thrilled.  I’m less thrilled about the fact that there won’t be a second night a week for the results show and I’m curious as to how that will be handled.  Also on the dance front are Bunheads on ABCFamily and Breaking Pointe on the CW.  The former is a scripted show staring one of my Broadway faves, Sutton Foster.  It was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Gilmore Girls, so I’m sure to love it.  The latter, Breaking Pointe, is an unscripted show about a ballet company in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you’re a fan of SYTYCD and even DwtS you’ll know that a lot of talented dancers come out of Utah.  I’ll let you form your own theories on why that is.  Suffice it to say, I’m looking forward to this one too.  Ballet, done well, is really the most beautiful form of dance and I know it’s probably also the toughest. 

So what else is going to be on?  I don’t have HBO anymore so I don’t get excited about True Blood.  Speaking of HBO I really want to see Aaron Sorkin’s new show, The Newsroom.  Hopefully that will make it to Netflix at some point.  Damages isn’t on FX anymore so I can’t get excited about that one either.  If I don’t stop myself now I’m gonna start rambling.  Huffington Post has a great schedule of all the summer shows and when they premiere so I recommend checking that out

The other thing I’ll be doing this summer is catching up on Netflix.  I haven’t been on there in months.  I plan to finally watch Doctor Who this summer and will be posting about it season by season (starting with the ninth Doctor).   

Also, I may even read a book or two.  It could happen.  I have been meaning to read Game of Thrones so maybe this summer is the time to do it.  And I hear summer is a great time for blockbuster movies so I'm sure Tracy and I will be busy seeing some of those too.

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