Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Being Human Season 3!

 "It's a Shame About Ray" 

Our friends, Aidan, Sally and Josh, are in the kitchen having a discussion about death.  Sally and Josh insist we all have to die someday.  Aidan, who is already sort of dead, counters that he’s not going to die.  Wait a tick, this isn’t right.  This isn't how we left everyone at the end of last season!  Then we see that this conversation is a hallucination and instead, Aidan is buried deep underground and fully bearded (love the beard!).  Oh and he’s freaking out a bit, understandably.

Being Human is back, y’all and I hope you’re watching. 

Nora is visiting another psychic in a long line of psychics because she is trying to contact someone dearly departed.  The psychic does her stuff and we cut to a handy-dandy flashback that acts as a “previously on Being Human.”  We get to see what happened to Josh, Nora and Josh’s maker, Ray at the end of last season.  If you don’t remember, the theory was that if they killed Ray, Josh and Nora could break their wolfy curse.  So they killed Ray but we don’t know if it worked.  Luckily for the psychic, she doesn’t see the gruesome flashback but instead sees that Josh and Nora are totally good for each other, blah, blah, blah.  As it turns out they’ve been trying to contact Sally who is stuck in limbo.  Speaking of…poor Sally and her two ghost buddies, Stevie and Nick, are stuck together.  Sally keeps unsuccessfully trying to get into the house.  Nick and Stevie keep unsuccessfully trying to talk her out of it.

At the hospital (where Josh and Nora work), Josh is questioning vamps about Aidan and his whereabouts.  The interesting this is that the vamps have all been showing up at the hospital as patients (instead of being there to feed) with these really gross lesions.  We flashback to see Josh and Nora on the first full moon after offing Ray.  This is so exciting!  Did it work?!?!  For Josh?  Yes.  Yay!!!  For Nora?  Not so much.  Boo!!!  Geeze, that sucks.  So I guess she’d have to kill Josh to break her own curse, right?  It’s too bad the law of transference didn’t work in this instance.  They’ve got another psychic en route but she refuses to even enter their house.  Um, no kidding.  Plus she’s been there before (during Sally’s exorcism).  There’s bad juju in that house and Ms. Psychic knows better.  Plus she tells them that bringing Sally back isn’t so simple.  Nora pleads with her and Ms. Psychic tells them to visit a Ms. Gilchrist who may help.

Meanwhile Sally pulls Nick out of the water (he’s back to his daily drowning schedule) and cuts Stevie down from a tree (he’s now killing himself every day and in places where he can watch his family go on with their lives).  The madness must end.  Josh and Nora find Ms. Gilchrist, er Donna, at a soup kitchen.  She’s up for it as long as they have $2,000 and a heart.  Oh and the heart has to be from someone they’ve killed.  It’s a good thing they’re murders!  Oh and they aren’t just bringing back her ghost.  They’re brining Sally back completely.  Like dig up her body because she will be rejoining it completely.  Whoa.

Donna wants to make sure they know she won’t be quite the same.  She’ll be like an aware zombie with emotions and stuff.  But she absolutely can’t have reunions with loved ones.  No contact whatsoever with folks from her past.  Yeah, I’m sure they’ll stick to that rule.  In limbo, Sally, Nick and Stevie are giving the door to the house one more shot.  Nick and Stevie are giving the whole talking her out of it thing one more shot too.  Except that the door opens ever so slightly this time.  Sally, the dear that she is, encourages the boys to come with her through the door.  Yeah, that’ll go well. 

Josh and Nora are keeping vigil and suddenly her body starts breathing.  Sure, she’s wrapped up like a mummy and covered in bits of heart from dead Ray but she’s breathing.  Somehow they have moved Sally’s body home now and are still watching her as she breathes.  She mumbles a bit and they know she’s awake now.  This is creepy, even if it means Sally’s back.  They unwrap her and the corpse is gone and has been replaced by lovely Sally instead.  She’s having trouble talking  but manages to squeak out the words Stevie and Nick.  Josh, bless him, hears something about Stevie Nicks coming back with her (my friend Dana tells me this was an ad-lib from Sam Huntington and it makes me love him more; even if he doesn’t have a beard).  It dawns on Josh that she’s referring to Stevie and Nick and that they’ve been brought back too.  Hey, they got three ghosts for the price of one.  Except, are they back in their own bodies?  Their bodies, which are still currently buried?  Yipes!

Lastly, we see Donna out in the woods and she’s pouring one out for her homies.  Actually she’s pouting out the rest of the witchy brew made with Ray’s heart.  The liquid starts flowing in one direction and she follows it.  Right. To. Ray’s. Grave.  Crap.  We don’t need him back.  And he’d be back as a ghost, right?

While all that was going on with Josh, Nora and Sally, poor Aidan has been having quite a day.  I mentioned the beard, right?  Well it’s worth mentioning twice.  He’s uncovered by a stake wielding dude who fits Aidan with some sort of torture helmet straight out of the Saw movies.  This will go well.  Aidan and his very special helmet awaken to get a glimpse of his new digs.  Then he passes out again.  Not that I’d offer to feed him, per se, but dude is very obviously starving to death.  I could not abide that.  Plus, I mentioned the beard RIGHT?!?!  Aidan’s kidnapper is draining his blood (like he has any to spare) and all the while is rambling about people paying big money because he’s pure.  Odd. 

A bit later, Aidan’s captor is making a deal for some blood and the deal goes pear-shaped.  The captor dude is now dead and we’re joined by the creepy Amish dude from last season.  He takes Aidan away from the helmet and creepy basement but doesn’t seem to be in a good mood about the whole thing.  Oh and he stops Aidan from drinking any of the blood that’s just hanging around because he’ll get sick.  They’re in a van and creepy Amish guy catches Aidan on what’s been going on since he’s been buried.  Vamps are getting sick and dying (again) from feeding on tainted humans.  I’m liking the potential of this storyline. 

Aidan is hallucinating again and is having a conversation with Sally, Josh and Bishop who are all in the van with him and creepy Amish dude.  Bishop is trying to encourage him to fight to save himself.  Too bad Aidan is done fighting.  He’s over it.  Bishop gives it one last try and convinces Aidan as well as Sally and Josh.  So Aidan gathers all his strength, which isn’t much, and tries to fight creepy Amish dude.  It doesn’t work.  Instead, creepy Amish dude feeds on Aidan and is really bummed when it doesn’t cure him.  Then he dies.  Yay!  Unfortunately now Aidan is stuck in the middle of nowhere and the van has crashed into a pole.  This seems like the end for Aidan but no.  ‘Cause remember at the beginning he was convinced he wasn’t going to die (again)?  He’s muttering to himself, while lying on the ground near the van, that he’s going to live.  Hallucinogenic Sally and Josh are there to watch him slowly die from his blood loss.  But then Birdie is singing “Skinny Love” and Aidan is just not giving up.

Hang in there, bearded Aidan!

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