Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Following

What did you think? Fox has gone all out promoting its new creepy drama so did you bite? Will you keep watching even if there’s a chance Fox will cancel it before any sort of resolution? Are you wondering, like I am, how a show like this could sustain a story over multiple seasons?

I really enjoyed The Following and think it’s a well-done television show. Personally I don’t see how the viewer wouldn’t get tired of this story over multiple seasons but I’m willing to give it a chance. There were some nice twists that I didn’t see coming. The pilot did a good job of balancing the big story with dips into the characters’ lives. I’m curious and excited and can’t wait until the next episode. I like where it’s going and I hope that enough people are too. Fox is well-known for axing shows before they see a proper end. Heck, the joke about Fringe lasting so long because star Anna Torv is the niece of Fox owner, Rupert Murdoch, might actually have some truth to it. Here’s hoping The Following’s star Kevin Bacon has some pull too because I’d really like to see where the show is going.

One hesitation I have is that they maybe showed their cards too early with a couple of the supporting characters. There’s one FBI agent in particular that I’m wary of and I’m hoping he/she is a red herring and not up to what I think they’re up to. Some of the characters, especially the main two, are a bit of a stereotype but it works and I’m not going to hold it against the show.

Before I go any further here’s the story: Former FBI agent and now consultant, Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon), is chasing after an enigmatic serial killer, Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy). Carroll, a charismatic English professor obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe and romantic literature, had been caught once before but starts the episode by escaping prison. Hardy, who had been absolutely obsessed with Carroll, isn’t physically able to be a field agent but is brought in as a consultant because no one knows Carroll better.

Another good thing about the show is the cast. I’ve mentioned Kevin Bacon, who was good overall but maybe went a little overboard in a few instances. The supporting cast was solid and even the presence of Maggie Grace didn’t annoy me. But my favorite was Purefoy. You need to believe that Carroll could command an army of followers because he’s worthy of following. Personally I’d follow Purefoy just about anywhere. He was on this great NBC show called The Philanthropist. Purefoy stared as the titular character who travelled the world giving away his money to folks in need. Unfortunately the cost of the show and the lack of audience meant cancellation. It’s too bad because Purefoy was pretty great on it and I enjoyed seeing him on a weekly series. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that The Following gets the audience it deserves and stays on the air a while.

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