Sunday, January 20, 2013


I saw Mama yesterday because Guillermo del Toro produced it and if he did then that means he wants us to see it. Plus this movie Guillermo del Toro wanted us to see also happened to star Jamie Lannister. BONUS!!! Scratch that...a bearded Jamie Lannister. DOUBLE BONUS!!!  Plus Guillermo isn't one to push those torture porn movies on us so I was totally on board.

Star Jessica Chastain (how many movies does she make a year?) is an incredibly un-maternal bassist in a rock band. Her boyfriend, the aforementioned golden Lannister, is her artist boyfriend who spends his time and money searching for his lost nieces. You see, the girls have spent five years in a cabin in the woods. No, not that Whedon cabin but another one. The girls go to live with Uncle Jamie and a badly wigged Chastain but they don't go alone. And that's where the fun begins.

The wig was pretty dang scary too
The story wasn't terribly new but it and the plot worked fine. The performances were solid from most of the cast (does Chastain ever do bad work?). The two girls were pretty great and the main reason the movie worked and was so entirely creepy.

Anywhoodle I cant think of much more to say really. If you did see it send me a message. I want to get your impression about that moth at the end.

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