Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Epiphany" (Angel 2.16): Lindsey Goes Medieval on Angel's Ass

For Jenn and I both, the title of this episode always recalls James Joyce. Angel experiences nothing that approximates the realization of human futility that befalls the young protagonist of "Araby" or the older protagonist of "The Dead," but some stuff still gets realized by the undead protagonist of our little show. So let's go over what we learned, shall we?

If you're a blonde, DON'T have sex with Angel when it's raining. If you're Buffy, it means your sweet, broody boyfriend has become a demon.

If you're Darla in "Epiphany," it means your bitter, tortured frenemy doesn't turn back into a demon, but rather realizes what an ass he's been lately and actually becomes nicer.


DO realize that sometimes the Powers that Be are assholes. Cordelia has been tricked into acting as bait by the "eye in the back of the head" demons, which she realizes via vision from the PtB . . . seconds before the assault actually occurs.


For me, the Skilosh demons treatment of Cordy feels squeamishly close to rape, but the point isn't so much Cordelia's plight as much as getting Angel, Wesley, and Gunn fighting (uneasily) on the same team again.

DON'T forget that you can take the boy out of Texas, but, well, you know. For me, this episode belongs to one man.

I know that the key narrative development is the reunion of Angel Investigations, but I will love it most for featuring Lindsey,

in a bitchin' car,

wielding a sledgehammer and aiming to kick some vampire ass.

I want him to be the next Bachelor.

Jenn points out that this episode, though ushering in the fun of the Pylea episodes that conclude season 2, also inextricably points toward the sucky slogfest that are seasons 3 & 4. So enjoy it while you can, folks.

Aslo, Kate gets saved. Whatevs.

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