Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being Human - The Day After

"Partial Eclipse of the Heart"

We rejoin Aidan as he's about to be pummeled by Henry and the two thugs.  Too bad for the thugs, though, because Henry is forever faithful to his maker.  The thugs get staked and Henry offers his help to Aidan but only if they leave Suren behind. He refuses and stakes Henry in the gut, which will look good for Mother.  Suren is hungry and cranky (I've been there, girl) and thinks she should return to Mother to protect Aidan.  He promises her rainbows, unicorns and lots of blood if she can just sit tight a little longer.  Aidan has a plan and it turns out, that plan involves the "Dutch," aka, the Amish vamps.  He arrives at the farm and wakes up the ginger, Amish vamp who's now in charge of the group.  If Aidan can convince the rest of the Dutch to hide them from Mother, he and Suren will get protection for a little while.  Aidan returns to the skeezy motel to let Suren know there's some hope but she's gone.  She's back at the hotel and into Mother's good graces.  Poor Aidan.

Sally can't find Zoe in the hospital's nursery but then finds her in the cafeteria.  Zoe ignores her but Sally wears her down with the threat of reciting what she remembers from The Canterbury Tales.  Apparently Zoe isn't a fan of Chaucer so she talks to Sally.  Zoe is done with ghosts and is really tired of being a medium. There's an eclipse and one of the ghosts Sally shredded pops back up.  He seems like he's in a lot of pain.  This is where Sally shredded him so she assumes that Nick is probably back at the house since that's where she dispatched of him.  Danny's there too and writing on the ground.  Nick tells Sally they're all stuck in a horrible limbo and there's pain, lots of pain.  Zoe arrives and gets to say goodbye to Nick.  He lies to her that he's in a good place so she'll be able to let go and move on.  She buys it (because who wouldn't want to?) and now Sally has to live with that particular lie so that Zoe can get some closure.  Sally totally owes her this.  Danny tells Sally a bit more about limbo and acknowledges it's where scum like him deserve to be.

And in the bigger, more gut-wrenching storyline of the week...Josh and Julia are comfy in their relationship.  He has a dream about Ray (his maker) and decides to stalk Ray to see what he's up to.  Julia's best friend, Chelsea is coming to town for a visit. Julia wants to know if Josh is ok with telling her they're back together even if it means alerting their friends and families who will have lots of questions.  Also, Chelsea refers to Josh as "the demon man-child who ruins lives."  Not totally accurate but I understand why she'd choose that nickname. Ray is back with his wife and son, which gives Josh some pause about killing him.  Ray sneaks up on Josh during his emotional struggles and welcomes him back with open arms and a little advice.  Ray thinks it's a splendid idea to tell a loved one the secret about the wolfie stuff.  It worked for him so it should work for Josh too, right?  Josh meets up with Julia and Chelsea for drinks and vitriol.  Josh gives Chelsea a sweet and honest apology and she accepts it with a caveat...he better be deserving of Julia's love this time around.  The aforementioned eclipse happens after Chelsea leaves and Josh goes running out of the restaurant with Julia chasing after him.  He gets stuck in an alley with a chain link fence and Julia stands at its opening, waiting for him to turn around.  When he does she doesn't run.  He lets out a yelp of pain as he phases, Julia flinches, takes a step backwards and get hits by a car.  Nooooo!  Josh runs off for the rest of the eclipse and returns to the accident.  She's sitting on a curb all beat up and bloodied.  Josh goes to touch her but she waves him off.  He tells her the whole story and why he couldn't tell her.  Josh only wanted to protect her but she tells him it's too late and nods in the direction of the ambulance where her dead body is being loaded.  Double NOOOOOO!  Poor Julia.  Her door arrives (really quickly), she tells him she loved him enough for his secret he just never believed it and she's gone. 

Season finale next week!

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