Friday, April 6, 2012

Community and 30 Rock - Didja watch?

Didja watch Community "Pillows and Blankets?"
 - Greendale was the site of the largest and longest pillow fight in community college history.  A narrator tells us this so we should believe him.  Plus a number of participants are interviewed about it, which verifies what the narrator says.

- Annie acted as a medic; Brita took blurry and poorly framed photos; Jeff inspired many with his words (mostly to avoid a test); Shirley kicked ass; and Pierce didn't do much of anything.

- The Dean has a camera crew and wants Jeff to mediate (and fix) Troy and Abed.  Easier said than done, Dean.

- Narrator gives us an infographic (!) of how the battles went down.  Abed is in New Fluffytown while Troy and Blanketsburg secede.  New Fluffytown becomes Pillowtown (for the sake of conceptual symmetry).  Troy issues Abed an "all tomato," as in the whole tomato or nothing at all.  If Abed doesn't comply then the battles begin at midnight.

- Pierce shows Abed his weapon, a doomsday device...a pillow man who is unstoppable and plush.  Chang brings in the Changlorious Basterds (his pre-teen security interns) and it's an all-out war.

- Jeff tries to fix them but Troy and Abed decide the friendship is over and whoever wins gets the apartment, the loser must move out.  The guy from Guinness World Records cancels (because he got fired - the biggest mistake in the his words).  The war ends but not for Troy and Abed.  They keep fighting until there's an actual winner.  Jeff gives it one last shot and fixes them.  Yay!  He also learns an important lesson about war.  Isn't that nice.

Didja watch 30 Rock "Nothing Left to Lose?"  (I miss Parks and Rec, y'all)
- Everyone does self-evaluations for Kabletown (which are filmed).  Jenna's evaluation was the most honest but that's because she was on pills that were washed down with alcohol.  Jack is concerned for Pete who can't say where he'll be in 5 years.  Pete's ok with this but Jack isn't so he takes him under his wing and tries to make a man of Pete.

- Tracy has no sense of smell.  Dr. Spaceman (!) finds an old decoder ring stuck up his nose, which has possibly been there since the 70s.  Did I ever tell you guys about the time I stuck raisins up my nose?  Not pretty.  Anywhoodle, Tracy regains his sense of smell, which evokes all sorts of memories from childhood.  It's doesn't help that Liz uses the same hair pomade that Tracy's dad used.  In a desperate attempt to please his dad, Tracy does everything Liz asks and she rides this wave for a while until it totally screws him up.  It doesn't take long.  It is Tracy we're talking about.

- Jenna gets pranked by the writers (to dress up like Smurfette) so she pranks them back only to get pranked again by them.

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