Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Raising Hope, New Girl and Breaking In - Didja watch?

Didja watch Raising Hope "Sabrina's New Jimmy?"

- Sabrina is studying with a cute guy from class and Jimmy gets jealous.  He wants Burt and Virginia to help him find out if the guy is into Sabrina but Burt thinks they've already invested too much time into their relationship.  They help and there's a plan involving phones and switching numbers and it all goes haywire.  Naturally.  Really I was way more interested in...
- Shelley & Sabrina's house!  Shelley decorated it with things she bought from SkyMall (and I bet there are people in the world who have done that exact same thing).  We didn't get enough of a tour but there were things like a hot rod couch, a pizza clock and the piece de resistance...the dancing, coconut shell covered boobs.  Imagine that big mouth billy bass thing but boobs.  They dance around while the song "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" plays.  Burt wants them and wears Sabrina down.  He calls them the "not so tiny dancers" and loves the fact that they take DD batteries (pictured above).  Hope's into 'em too and pretends she has a lovely bunch of coconuts.  Burt sees her future on a pole and gets rid of the dancing boobs.

- Sabrina gets a new study buddy who actually seems into her and Jimmy tells her that since she likes to have back-ups of everything maybe she's keeping a back-up boyfriend too.  She realizes he's right (that never happens) but then my stupid DVR cut off.  This is what I get for not watching things live.

Didja watch New Girl "Secrets?"  Didja laugh as much as I did?

- Jess shows up at Cece's for a run but Cece is trying really hard to get rid of her.  She uses the excuse that her roommate (also a model) accidentally ate a cookie (by falling on it) and is devastated.  The real truth is that a half-naked Schmidt is hiding in the couch.  There's this whole thing with the third model roommate chanting "Jew in the couch!" but I can't do it justice.

- Nick is having issues getting rid of his college-aged, overnight guests and needs some guidance. But before we can get to that Winston breaks and tells Nick that Schmidt and Cece having been sleeping together.  Nick freaks, finds out Jess is the only one who doesn't know and then blabs to her the minute she walks in the door.  Predictably she freaks too.

- Back to Nick's problem, he goes to Schmidt, a leader in douchebaggery, for help with his college chicks.   Jess busts in during a douchey training session and declares that she doesn't want there to be secrets anymore.  Then it comes out that the guys have periodically used her image to help them, uh, complete (and if you don't know what I mean it's too bad; I'm not telling you).

- Cece tries to apologize to Jess but she literally runs away from her.  It's pretty funny. Jess doesn't want any secrets with Cece until Cece starts telling her the ones she's been keeping all these years.  Meanwhile Nick's overnight guest has a run-in with a guest (Cerie from 30 Rock) from the night before who is back looking for her scarf.  They start yelling at each other, Jess and Cece start yelling at each other and poor Winston just wants sleep.  He gets rid of the girls by telling them he and Nick are on the D.L. and it's hilarious but again I can't do it justice.

- Jess and Cece are doing a charity 10k and during it Jess realizes Cece actually likes Schmidt.  She apologizes and lets Cece in on the fact that she likes Schmidt.  Randomly David Wain runs by and that makes me giggle for no real reason.  Cece and Schmidt have a cute morning cooking together and I think I dropped an audible "awww."

Didja watch Breaking In "Cyrano de Nerdgerac?"

- Molly is trying to get Veronica to focus and that's just about impossible.  Someone at Oz's pudding and he's convinced Veronica did it so the plan is to steal Molly away from her.  In the process we find out Molly's got a crush on Oz and why wouldn't she?  He's awesome.
- Oz needs her to dump him so he asks her on a date and has the guys walk him through it because if anyone can scare off a chick it's Cam and Cash.  Cash even puts him in a horrible tuxedo tee.  There's a funny little montage of Oz repeating everything Cash tells him to say and it cracked me up.  The plan doesn't work and Molly quits.

- In order to get her to stay Veronica tries to apologize for never really appreciating Molly but she screws it up.  It's a good thing Oz knew it was Molly's birthday and gives Veronica the credit.  Of course Molly figures out Oz was behind it and it seems like she's still got that crush afterall.

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