Friday, November 16, 2012

Did we see Eclipse together?

Silly me…Did we see The Twilight Saaaaahhhhgaaaahhhh: Eclipse together?  If we did, I apologize for the remainder of this post.  I’m sure we had a fantastic time but, sadly, I don’t remember it.  These are monumental, epic movies!  How could I forget who I saw them with?

Here’s the thing about getting old, your memory starts to go and it goes quick.  Unless something out of the ordinary happened or the situation/setting was different for me, the memory of most events escapes me.  Oddly, the only Twilight installment I remember vividly is the first one.  It is the only one I remember because I was with two people I love and don’t get to see much of and we were in an odd situation.  To steal from Sophia of The Golden Girls, “Picture it…New York City, November, 2008.”  I was visiting my dear friend Ashlee who was in school at Parsons The New School for Design.  After some time in the city, we hopped on a train and headed west. Our destination…beautiful Berkeley Heights, NJ.  I have family in Berkeley Heights and thought it would be fun to visit with some of my cousins while up north.  We chatted a bit with two of my cousins and then Ashlee, my cousin Carly and I went to see Twilight.  It was Friday night, the air was brisk and the line for the theater was long.  Had I not bought tickets ahead of time (I’m somewhat of a planner) we would have had to bag the whole idea.  You see Twilight was pretty big at the time.  Not big enough that my other cousins knew what it was but big enough that I was determined to see it on my mini-vacation.

There’s a bit of an age difference between Carly and me so we didn’t really grow up together.  However we bonded instantly that night over our love for Twilight.  In fact every time a new sequel in the saaaahhhgaaaahhh comes out I feel like I should be back in New Jersey, standing in line next to Carly. I miss you, girl!

My friend Ashlee knew a bit about the Twilight phenomenon but was not a fan.  Actually she probably would tell you that her only experience with it was watching me tear through two of the books during a mini-vacation we took to Myrtle Beach one summer.  I couldn’t put them down.  Of course that was before I had gotten to Breaking Dawn, which I put down a lot.  Once I even threw it across a room.

So that leaves three other movies and my mind was still mostly blank.  My bestest friend, Dana, assures me that we saw New Moon and Breaking Dawn Part 1 together.  I vaguely remember seeing them with her but only because she was living outside of Raleigh, NC at the time and I made trips up there specifically so we could see them.  Other than that though, I don’t remember much about the situation.  I think I remember us driving into Raleigh for a jewelry class and complaining about all the angst in New Moon.

Eclipse is a blur.  I’m pretty sure I saw it with someone but I have no idea who that someone was.  I’m seeing part 2 of Breaking Dawn alone and it seems odd.  Part of the fun of these movies is seeing it with one of your friend and commiserating about how the rest of your life is completely reasonable and logical, but for some reason you can’t let go of these books or movies.  I will probably be seeing it a second time with two of my friends, Keenan and Ann.  They are two of the funniest women you’ll ever meet so I’m guessing we’ll have a fun time.  Did I ever tell you about the time Keenan and I went to see a Harry Potter movie with 200 5th graders?  See, that’s a situation I remember because it was so out of the ordinary.  But I’ll save that for another time.

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