Thursday, November 8, 2012

If I ran the world - say it right!

Well things would be pretty darn awesome.  That’s just fact.  But to be specific, people would say things correctly in movies and television shows.  For example: It should be safe deposit box and not a safety deposit box.  Turns out there are some who might disagreeThey would be wrong.  

Also, you don’t go somewhere to get air.  The nifty thing about air is that it’s pretty much everywhere.  However, I’ll understand if you excuse yourself from a situation by claiming you are in need of fresh air.  Picture it: you’re sitting at your desk in your office and some NYC homicide detectives have just told you that your wife was brutally murdered in your apartment last night while you were off having an affair.  An added benefit is that your wife was loaded and you’re about to inherit a ton of money because you stuck it out instead of getting a divorce. You now need to step outside to get some fresh air to clear your head.  Oh and don’t leave the city for your place in the Hamptons for even fresher air because you’re the #1 suspect.  Dummy.

Are there things people say that you think are wrong?  Tell me!

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