Monday, November 26, 2012

The Walking Dead - recappy

“When the Dead Came Knocking”
Merle starts off the episode trying to intimidate, er, interrogate Glenn who is unflappable.  He will not be flapped.  Not by walkers and certainly not by Merle.  Glenn refuses to offer up any information, especially Daryl’s location.  Merle even brings up Maggie and makes it all kinds of icky but Glenn stays strong.  He even gets in a good head-butt.  We get to see Maggie’s reaction to all this because she can totally hear everything that Merle does to Glenn through the aluminum wall.  Merle’s really pissing me off at this point.

Rick is at the gate and before he says anything (or Michonne says anything to him) she has to fend off the walkers surrounding her.  She had been fine since she was covered in walker goo but she’s got a fresh wound and apparently the stench of fresh blood is enough for them to realize she’s not one of them.  She whips out the katana and gets a few but then passes out.  Thankfully Carl is there to save her!  Ok, Rick’s there too.  They carry her in but not all the way in to C-block.  They need answers before they can trust her.  Like why she has a shopping basket full of formula.  Rick asks who she is but, as expected, she throws them a little attitude and stays quiet.  Daryl calls him away to spring the Carol surprise on him.  She greets him warmly, gets sight of the baby and knows from Rick’s reaction that Lori didn’t make it.  Crying begins (not me this time!) all around as Michonne watches the reunion from just outside the block.

Milty the science guy tells the Governor that “Mr. Coleman [is] ready.”  Whoever that is.  This reminds the Governor that he wants Andrea’s help with something.  Hmmm.  But before we get to that…

Michonne is up and (sort of) talking.  She tells Rick, Daryl and Hershel that Glaggie were taken by a man but doesn’t mention his name.  Damn.  I guess they’re saving that for a bigger reveal later.  She tells them about Woodbury, its defenses and potential weaknesses.  She seems sure they can sneak in there.  Michonne also describes Woodbury’s leader, the Governor, as a charming Jim Jones type.  Nice.
Merle really beats the crap out of Glenn who is still not giving up the information Merle seeks.  Glenn tries to talk up their numbers in an attempt to make Merle nervous but it doesn’t work when Glenn includes Andrea in the list.  Aaaannnd now Merle knows he’s lying.  Doh!

Hershel is stitching up Michonne while an armed Carl watches.  Most of the group decides to go after Glaggie in their incredibly clean Hyundai SUV.  Rick takes Carl aside before they leave and puts Carl in charge with the directive to lock themselves into cells if anything happens.  Before Rick leaves, Carl mentions the baby’s Daryl-given nickname.  Carl thinks it’s time to give her a real name and goes with his 3rd grade teacher’s first name…Judith.  Ooooohkay. 

In wacko Woodbury, the Governor brings Andrea to meet Mr. Coleman who is being fed soup by Milty.  I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine had to feed navy bean soup to that old guy but that’s neither here nor there really.  Just how my brain works.  Apparently Mr. Coleman is doing them a great service and I can’t wait to hear what that is but they’re taking their sweet time disclosing it.  Milty asks Andrea to cue up the first song on the record that’s playing on his mark, which occurs after he makes a chime-y noise on a metal Tibetan prayer bowl thingy (Thanks, Ukie!).  Milty then read a list of things he knew to be true about Mr. Coleman who was supposed to give a hand signal when he agreed with the statement.  Now they just have to wait.  Wait for what? Well they’re not telling us yet.

In order to speed things along with Glenn, Merle decided to bring in a walker on a leash and lets him loose on a bound-to-a-chair Glenn.  That’s hardly fair.  It matters not because Glenn, my possibly new favorite on the show (sorry, Daryl) fights him off and gets out of the chair in the process.  My hero!

Milty the science guy FINALLY fills Andrea in on the deal.  Mr. Coleman is going to die (terminal cancer) and when he reanimates, they’ll restrain him and ask the same questions to see if they get the desired response.  Andrea is appropriately skeptical, especially when she learns that Milty’s never been around a reanimated corpse.  Meanwhile, Merle and some other dude catch the Governor up on their progress with badass Glenn.  The Governor elects to be the one to interrogate Maggie.  He cuts her restraints and is pretty genial with her and even offers to drive her back to her group.  She’s not budging, which is admirable until… The Governor then commands her to stand up and take off her top.  Ew.  He tells her that if she doesn’t, he’ll bring her Glenn’s hand.  She does and then has to do the bra too.  EW!!!  Then the Governor stands up himself and removes his belt.  EWWWW!!!  I HATE THIS GUY!!!  Poor Maggie.  He gently strokes and sniffs her hair then slams her head down on the table.  She tells him to do whatever he’s gonna do and then he can go to hell.  My heart just breaks for her.  This scene is the absolute worst, most upsetting thing I have seen on this show.  Ever.  Then he walks away. 

Rick and the gang stop the car a mile or so from the town and hike the rest of the way.  He takes this time to thank Daryl for what he did while Rick was having his psychotic break.  They are soon surrounded by walkers and run into a stinky cabin, which is quickly surrounded by a large hoard.  This was not a good idea.  They even find a guy hiding in there who freaks out and tries to kick them out of his cabin.  Rick tries to calm him down but when the guy makes a run for the front door, Michonne kills him.  Daryl peeks outside and fights Glenn for my favorite with the line, “Remember the Alamo?”  Heh.  They sacrifice the dead dude to the hoard and are able to escape out the back door.  That was convenient.  Oh and we get a nice close up of the buffet the guy’s guts had become. 

Andrea and Milty the science guy are waiting for Mr. Coleman to wake up again and he does.  Milty does the Tibetan prayer bowl thing again and tries asking the questions but since Mr. Coleman is restrained he can’t signal with his hand as he had been doing before death.  Milty loosens the restraints and luckily Andrea was ready with a knife because, as she predicted, he lunges for Milty.  It’s at this point when I suspect Milty has soiled shorts.  Over in the interrogation wing, they’ve brought a half-naked Maggie in to see Glenn.  Glenn is threatened and Maggie spills.  The Governor then ups the creepy by consoling her.  The Governor and the other two are talking and are shocked at the fact that the group of 10 were able to clear the prison, which is something Merle said couldn’t be done.  Now the Governor is questioning Merle’s loyalties.  Rick and his gang have arrived outside the wall to Woodbury and the Governor has just ordered a group to go check out the prison.  Worlds are colliding, people!  Andrea is back home now and is visited by a nervous looking Governor.  She tells him it didn’t work with Mr. Coleman and he consoles her.  Had he not been so downright creepy with Maggie, I would have said there might be hope for the Governor.  But no.  He is just one creepy dude.

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