Thursday, November 1, 2012

If I ran the world -Holiday collections

If I ran the world…

I'm still 100% behind our endorsement for a Whedon/Fillion world.  However, if I were running things then the major TV studios or networks would release box sets of holiday-themed TV episodes.  I had this idea when I saw the Peanuts set of their holiday themed shows all in one DVD set.  It hit me that there are tons of shows that do holiday themed episodes.  The studios or networks, could go back to the early days of the sitcom up through now and put all their best Halloween themed episodes from the sitcoms into one box set.  This could be done for every holiday.  I know there are plenty of Thanksgiving themed shows.  Did you see the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where Debra tries to make a tofurkey?  It’s hilarious.  (Actually I saw that one filmed live.)  How about the episode of Friends where Brad Pitt shows up for Thanksgiving?  Classic.  Plus the Christmas, er holiday, set would be massive.  But like I said, I’d want them to go back in time too.  I’d want to see old Lucy episodes or Dick Van Dyke too.  I was looking for something fun to watch last night and I think a compilation of Halloween themed television shows would have been perfect.  So somebody get on this.  Right now.

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