Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trailer Park Thursday!

I missed last week and there have been too many trailers coming out to wait another day!  Interestingly, only a few of these are NOT a book adaptation.  I'm not sure what that says but I'm both happy and sad about that.

So here are some of the ones that have struck me...good, bad, or meh.  In fact, let's start with a bad. 

The Mortal Instruments - This is heartbreaking to me. I love the book series and was excited to hear they were making a movie of it.  The casting, IMHO, went awry and it looks like they're trying way too hard.  But hopefully I'm wrong.  For now, though, I'm all kinds of angsty about this adaptation:

Oz: The Great and Powerful - My feelings about James Franco aside, this could be interesting.  It's another one that looks like it's trying too hard but I mostly trust director Sam Raimi so I'm willing to give it a chance.

The Host - I've not read the book but this could be ok.  Maybe?

21 & Over - Oy.  Though it does star my new crush from Pitch Perfect so it has that going for it.

World War Z - Another book adaptation.  There seems to be some differing opinions about this trailer.  Some folks love it and some folks think it looks like a train wreck.  It's big and epic but problematic, much like the production of the movie itself.  Part of me would rather see Jimmy Fallon's version.

Warm Bodies - After seeing this trailer I really want to read the book.  Also...JOHN MALKOVICH!!!

The Grandmasters - I'm in a martial arts film groove right now and was disappointed when I read there are no current plans to release this in the US any time soon.  BOO!  For now I'll just watch all the other Ip Man stuff out there. Oh and if you watch the trailer, don't expect English subtitles.  Just watch for the imagery and you'll get it.

Side Effects - Yay!  This looks very cool.

John Dies at the End - I've heard some good buzz and I loved Bubba Ho-Tep so this has some real potential.

And two docs for ya:
The Road to Red Rocks - Seeing a show at Red Rocks in Colorado is pretty high on my bucket list.  Seeing Mumford & Sons at Red Rocks would be awesome.  This is not going to theaters but if you're a fan, it's worth checking out.

West of Memphis - This is the theatrical trailer (I think I did another trailer earlier).  I need to see this but need to prepare myself for how potentially emotional I'll be through the entire thing.

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