Monday, November 19, 2012

The Twilight Saaaahhhhgaaaahhhh: Breaking Dawn pt. 2 - the quickie review

Honestly I was hoping Tracy would have had the chance to see the final installment of the Twilight franchise this weekend because she's so skilled with the subtleties and nuances of a Twilight film.  Ha!  Nuances of a Twilight film.  I crack myself up.  Anywhoodle, this will serve as a quickie review until she sees it and is able to discuss the film as only she can.

It's confession time, y'all!  I didn't hate it!  I know!  I actually really liked it and, yes, as far as the Twilight films go, this was probably the best one.  Granted that's a relative statement in that we are discussing Twilight films but it wasn't terrible.  It still has all the same problems as its predecessors (bad acting from a mostly wooden cast, weak story, etc., etc.) but there was something different about this one.  Maybe it's because it is the last one so I was feeling kinder and a bit more nostalgic.  Maybe it was actually a better film.  Who knows?  Who cares?  It was fun.

There were a few problems beyond the expected and one specific one comes to mind.  They make a point of introducing us to Alistair, friend to Carlisle Cullen.  Alistair takes off in the book but it's explained.  However, in the movie the character is featured and then gone with no explanation.  Unless I fell asleep and missed it.  Did I miss that part?  Missing characters can be blamed on the director and the editor. So them I say, "Boo!"

Other than that and a couple of other truly inconsequential things, I really did get a kick out of the movie.  This was by far the worst of the four books but they were able to turn it into something I didn't hate.  I still hurl a bit at some of the stuff series author Stephenie Meyer came up with but they did their best with the movie. 

You may have heard there is a twist in the film.  I was able to forget to look for the twist and then was totally surprised when it happened.  It made sense and ended up being fun (after the twist itself was revealed to us). So yeah, it's still a crappy Twilight movie but I will always love these movies and this was the perfect send-off.

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