Thursday, October 18, 2012

Arrow "Honor Thy Father" recaptastic

We open this episode of Arrow up on a rooftop with Arrow kicking some ass.  It doesn't take long for him to overpower random bad guy's thugs.  Oliver (I've decided I'm going to refer to the main character as Arrow when he's in his special ass-kicking outfit and Oliver when he's in his normal suits or shirtless!) has to go before a judge to be "legally resurrected."  We're provided with flashbacks while Oliver is in court.  And, since he's in court, he manages to run into (almost literally) Laurel while there.  She tells his buddy, whose name I've already forgotten-Tommy, maybe?, about her last run-in with Oliver where he warned her to stay away from him.  He's a loner, Dottie.  A rebel.  Ok, that's not what he said but that was the gist. 

Our bad guy of the week, Martin Sommers, is chatting up reporters on the steps of the very courthouse Oliver was just inside!  What are the chances the entire cast of an episode would be in the same place at the same time?!?!  Laurel is suing him on behalf of her blond client who's father Sommers killed.  Of course Laurel isn't the only one after him and I wonder if the legal system will pull through or if Arrow will get to him first.  Oliver does some rope climbing and sword drills in his abandoned warehouse while giving us a background on Sommers.

Detective Lance (pictured right), questions Sommers about a little attack he had from Arrow.  Wait, he's Laurel's dad?  Did we know that?  Also, I kind of want to run my fingers through his receding hairline.  Just thought you should know that.  Anywhoodle, he's on a mission to catch Arrow and seems to want to use Sommers as bait.  That'll work.

Oliver visits the family office and I fall absolutely in love with their green marble floor.  I even took a picture of it for you (below) because I knew it wouldn't be online today.  That's just the kind of friend I am.  Also now you know how completely bizarre I can be.  You're welcome.

Doesn't it look like they're walking on water?!?! I need a green marble floor.  Christmas is coming, y'all! Maybe I could get a kickstarter going.
Where was I?  Oh, the visit to the office.  There's some talk from mom and step-dad about Oliver taking over the company because it's what his father would have wanted, yada, yada.  Oliver isn't into the idea.  He needs more time to work out in the abandoned warehouse.  Abs like his don't happen overnight and they certainly don't happen behind a desk.  I can attest to that.

Oliver and Digg the driver have a deep discussion in the Bentley.  Y'all, the seats are the color of iced tea.  Don't worry, I didn't take a picture of that.  Yet.  We flashback to when Oliver and his dead dad washed up on the remote island where Oliver learned all his skills.  He valiantly protects his father's body from greedy seagulls chanting, "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

Back at legal aid, Laurel, some other legal aid attorney and their client are visited by Detective Daddy and some cops.  They're getting a little protective custody because of Sommers and his thugs.  Kelly Hu, in a wig that I kinda wish I owned for Halloween purposes, shows up to chat with Sommers.  She's triad and there to help with the Arrow problem.  Plus I'm guessing there's some triad business going on in Starling City, which is why she and her hair are in town.

Oliver gets a talking to from his party-girl sister, Thea, about how he needs to open up, let people in, etc.  So he decides to visit Laurel.  She says to him exactly what I was thinking, which is he told her to stay away from him but he keeps popping up making that almost impossible.  And guys think we're confusing?  He's brought ice cream and memories so she lets him in.  Ok, I love her apartment.  It's got tons of exposed brick and Starling City must be a good market because there's no way someone from legal aid could afford it.  They're getting all cozy but Kelly Hu and her hair bust in and break the door.  Luckily for them Digg wasn't far away and comes to their aid.  Plus this gives Oliver the chance to protect Laurel and protect his identity.  Digg and Kelly Hu fight but she gets away.  Drat!  Detective Daddy shows up and gives Laurel another speech about how dangerous being a lawyer can be.  He's right...about TV lawyers.  Real life lawyers are boring and almost never are almost killed by Yakuza hitwomen in silver wigs.  Oh and Detective Daddy reminds Oliver how he got his other daughter killed on the yacht of doom.  Like he had somehow forgotten that.  Also, Digg is totally suspicious of Oliver because during the scuffle, he showed some impressive knife-throwing skills.  If that impressed him Digg should see him on the salmon ladder.  I know I'd like to see it again.  Heh.

Meanwhile, down at the docks (FYI-people should stay away from docks at night, everyone knows that's where bad stuff happens), Arrow is letting loose a few arrows.  He gets Sommers to crack and shortly after Kelly Hu and her wig show up.  She and Arrow threaten each other in Chinese (he spoke Russian last week) and fight a bit.  She gets away...again.  Detective Daddy almost gets Arrow but instead gets a recording of Sommers's confession and Arrow gets away...again.

Oliver shows up at the ground breaking to a building in his dad's honor with a drink in his hand and a babe on each arm.  He's really working this aimless, billionaire, playboy thing.  Back at the abandoned warehouse he crosses off Sommers's name from the journal.  Then we flashback to the island again and Oliver has a cleaner looking journal  with an odd drawing in it.  Oliver's mom having another one of her shady meetings with some unknown to us person.  This person also has the drawing thing Oliver's dad had!  Oooo, intrigue!  One more flashback to the shipwreck island and we see Oliver bury his dad and then get shot arrow.  Ouch.

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  1. This show is introducing so many twists and turns so far that one can’t help but want more! I finally have a DVR with a hard drive big enough so that I can record several series in full, and not face a space capacity issue, so I know I will be able to save all the episodes of what’s becoming my new favorite TV show. I actually did not intend to follow Arrow until one of my girlfriends I work with at DISH showed me the extended trailer. I immediately fell in love with Ollie, and I can’t wait for more!