Monday, October 29, 2012

Vampire Diaries Goes Buffy Up in Here

And I couldn't be happier! We've got Slayers and Mean Girl drama and someone finally being upfront about how ridiculous it is that Stefan and Vamp Elena still attend high school. AND Klaus is back!

Remember Rebecca, Klaus's annoying sister? Well, she's decided to be the (pre-Scooby, less clever) Cordelia of Mystic Falls and reign as Queen Mega Bitch. She throws a kegger, but even better, she throws a pencil right into Elena's shoulder after taunting her about making out with Stefan! Then, she tosses some blood bait into the girls' bathroom, and giggles with glee when Elena uncontrollably vamps out! Elena's desire to kill Becca, as well as her waning capacity to control her rage and bloodlust, is a major plot point of the episode, but another part of "new vampdom" that I could care less about. Becca the Bitch? That I enjoy. One thumb up.

We learn more about Connor of the invisible tattoos as well, and I'm into it. Turns out Jeremy can see the ink . . . because he's a potential vamp hunter as well! When he, Damon, and Klaus join forces to kill Connor, Klaus saves him at the last second, realizing he's "one of the five," a group so mysterious, Connor himself didn't know he was in it! Two thumbs up.

One of the many things I love about Buffy is the way the supernatural is used to intensify and explore elements of high school that all mortals relate to. With Tyler's old flame in town, Becca's bullying, and Stefan unable to help Damon kill Connor "because he had a physics test," this week's Vampire Diaries tapped that vein but good. Please sir, I'd like some more.

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