Friday, October 19, 2012

Potent Notables

Arrested Development!!!

- I love when artsy creative types have spare time and think to do things like re-imagine movie posters in neon.  'Cause why not?

- I'm also glad someone took the time to make a supercut of celebs on Law & Order.  I'm guessing there are still a bunch missing from this.

- How awesome is it that people love The Walking Dead?!?! It's getting monster ratings, like really good network-level ratings. 

- I squealed with glee when I read that Tina Fey and Amy Pohler are hosting the Golden Globes.

-  Claire Danes is the best crier on any screen, large or small.  Your heart just breaks for her whether she's choked up or full-on bawling.  Someone else knows this and had time to put together a supercut.  Also, there's a tumblr dedicated to her crying on screen.  I love the interwebs!

- Vulture put out a list of incorrectly predicted breakout movie stars. I still think it could happen for Rory Cochrane.  Maybe.

- Vulture is a great site. In fact I spend a lot of my TV watching time reading articles like the one about how to name a fandom. I'm a member of a few of these. 

- Can you identify the movie/character just from a t-shirt?  I got 34 out of 55 and am totally ashamed of some of the ones I missed (#14 and 16 especially).  If you go to the link you can see the answers at the bottom a bit better than the one below. 

 Movie T-Shirt Anthology

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