Friday, October 26, 2012

Potent Notables - Blogoween edition

If I were to dress up this year it just might be a Hello Avenger

I’m being lazy and grabbed links off of buzzfeed.  Everything was just there already.  I did sort through to get the Halloween-y stuff so I made a little effort.

Here are my results:

                                                               You got: Sexy Carebear
You're cuddly and sweet, yet wildly inappropriate. You're probably going to take too many jello shots and end up barfing up blue.

- Do you love The Craft as much as I do?  It's very likely you don't.  How about a then and now of the cast? 

- Here are some fun behind the scenes photos from horror movies.

- I hate clowns.  I'm not a gamer.  So here we have creepy clowns in gaming

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