Monday, October 1, 2012

Looper - Quickie review

I saw Looper yesterday and loved it.  However, I want Tracy to be the one to write an actual review because I think she would do it justice. 

I will say that it was a wonderfully crafted, disturbing, and thought-provoking film.  After seeing Looper I just wanted to keep talking about it and to me that's the mark of a wonderful movie.  I haven't had that feeling since last year's Drive.  I dragged my poor mother to see Looper and man, did it do a number on her.  We talked a bit about it after but I think she kind of wanted it out of her head.  So if anyone else has seen it and wants to discuss, let me know! 

Lastly I just want to give Joseph Gordon-Levitt some major props.  He really did a spot-on Bruce Willis without it seeming like an impression. JGL inserted little things like Bruce's smirk, his stance and a bit of his cadence.  There was a nuance to it without being overwhelming. 

It's a tough, violent, gritty movie but it'll make you think.  If you like it, then I also highly recommend director Rian Johnson's first (feature-length) film, Brick.