Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall TV so far...

So what have you been watching?  Do you give a show one shot and if the pilot doesn't get you then you give up?  Does anyone watch nearly as much TV as I do?  I'm sure someone does but they probably do it for a living, whereas I'm just a fan with, apparently, a lot of spare time.

I thought I'd do a little post on where I'm at so far while waiting for Arrow to premiere this week (yay!). This is what I'm watching. If you're watching something that I'm not and you think I should, let me know.  Yes, I watch this much television.  No, I'm not proud of it. Also, I somehow manage to go to a full-time job and occasionally get out of the house.

Sundays are probably the worst day for me.  My poor DVR is working overtime.
Once Upon A Time - as solid as the first season
Revenge - still delicious, still probably the one show I'd have to be in a coma to miss.  It's so bad it's good.  What I love most is that they just don't care how soap opera-y they are.  They bathe in cheese and I'm so very glad for it.
666 Park Ave - sitting on my DVR. I was so very excited to see Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams as an evil power couple but for whatever reason I can't get myself to sit down and watch it.

The Good Wife - I'm enjoying Alicia and Peter teaming up for his gubernatorial campaign. Also, gubernatorial is a fun word.
The Mentalist - I'm not sure why I still watch this show.  I'm not over 60 and, though I like the cast, I'm really, very tired of the whole Red John thing.  Maybe if I turned it into a drinking game?  Every time some one says "Red John" you do a shot would get me pretty stinking drunk.  Actually I think I've decided that I just gave up this show.

Homeland - One of the best television shows I've ever seen.  It's as good as you've heard.  I binge watched the first season and wanted to post about it but didn't.  I've been watching this season and have wanted to post about but haven't.  I just feel like I couldn't do it justice.  But trust me when I say that is is stellar.

Castle - I'm so glad they're together and it's just how I imagined it would be.

HIMYM - Call me a masochist because I honestly have no idea why I still watch this show.  I guess it's because of Neil Patrick Harris.  I'm Mentalist close to giving this one up.
Partners - I actually don't hate this show and it's not been doing very well so I'm guessing it will be gone soon enough.  It's incredibly similar to Will & Grace (for good reason-same creators) so maybe I'm watching it because I miss Will & Grace so much?  I dunno, but it's 30 minutes of fun and I don't hate myself after.
2 Broke Girls - Each episode provides me with at least one audible laugh and that doesn't happen all that often.

Revolution - I think I liked it more during the pilot than I have since but it moves along at a somewhat decent pace so I'm sticking with it until NBC inevitably cancels it.  Plus I love me some Billy Burke.

Until Happy Endings and Don't Trust the B*@$&... are back I guess I'm only hate watching Private Practice.  I am terribly close to giving up on this one too.  In fact, I think I just did.  Look at me making completely unimportant decisions!

Hart of Dixie - Am I the only one watching Summer Roberts, er, Rachel Bilson sport formal shorts and diagnose illnesses?  Actually, so far this season, I don't know that she's done much medically.  I guess they realized no one buys her as a doctor but the fans love the triangle between her, Jason Street, er Scott Porter and Hot Neighbor Wade, er, Wilson Bethel.

Emily Owens, MD - Is this on yet and I've been missing it? It's not going to be good but I'm still going to give it a shot.

Fox  (Probably my favorite block of shows)
Raising Hope - No slump here either.  This is one of those shows you either get or you don't.  I get it.  I laugh at it.  Either Cloris Leachman dancing to Bossa Nova tunes on top of a table makes you laugh or it doesn't.  I wonder if she picked up those moves on DwtS.
Ben & Kate - I think I'm alone in this but I really like this show.  Nat Faxon can be a little much but I think he knows when to reign it in.  Dakota Johnson (daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson-remember when they were together?!?!) is a gem.  She's got great timing and you just want to cheer for her.  Also amazing is Lucy Punch (she's British, look her up) and the little girl from We Bought a Zoo.
New Girl - Absolutely as solid and funny as it was last season. 
The Mindy Project - I want to love this more. Did you read her book?  I did (well I listened to it, same difference) and I adored it.  I want the show to be as charming as the book was and it's not.  Not yet at least.  There's potential.

Go On - I'm soooo glad I've stuck it out with this show (Katie Russo, you were totally right).  I'm really getting a kick out of it.  There was this one scene where Matthew Perry has a box of cats (long story) and one cat is staring at a door so he starts staring at the door.  I'm guessing it was ad libbed but it still really struck me funny.

The Neighbors - Haven't heard of it?  Consider yourself lucky.  I actually watched 2 episodes and hated myself for it.
Modern Family - I will always love this show but I feel like last season started to get a little meh.  This season is fine so far but I'm not laughing as much as I did in the first season.
Suburgatory - This is actually coming back, right?  I need me some Sisto.
Survivor - This has the benefit of not a lot else being on at 8pm on a Wednesday. That changes this week with Arrow premiering. 

Arrow - I'll let you know tomorrow

Animal Practice and Guys with Kids - both are the kinds of shows that could be better but aren't.  They make me happy that I have a DVR and can get through an episode in just over 20 mins. I'm kind of hoping they get cancelled soon.

Chicago Fire - Is anyone going to watch this?  From what I can tell it's about sweaty firemen in wife beaters. In theory this concept works for me but how do they get an hour out of that?

(still with me or did I lose you somewhere around Tuesday?)

Last Resort - Tracy has got this covered so just search for her recaps.
Grey's Anatomy - This is another one of my hate-watching shows.  I, for some unknown reason, can't let go.  Though I am letting go of ...
Scandal - I think.  Kerry Washington's clothes are to die for but the show is very meh without Desmond.

The Big Bang Theory - Still great, still funny, still one I refuse to miss.
Person of Interest - Fantastic show.  Honestly it's one of the more satisfying televisions shows around.
Elementary - I'm digging this though nothing can compare to Cumberbatch and Freeman's version.  I like the chemistry between Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu but the weekly stories are flawed and that's a problem, especially when you're talking about Sherlock Holmes.

VAMPIRE DIARIES!!! - Oh how I miss this show.  It's like crack.  I'm totally addicted but I like to sporadically binge on it.  I'll save up 3 or 4 episodes and watch them on a Saturday afternoon.
Didn't True Blood do a similar promo pic?
Beauty and the Beast - I was going to give this a shot but I'm looking at the length of this post and realizing that it's not going to happen.  I saw the pilot and didn't love it.  It's not going to make my list.  I'll maybe catch it when it's on Netflix streaming.  Maybe.

Glee - Oh, Glee.  I miss original Glee.  I miss my excitement for each new episode.  I still like the music but I'm so irritated with the characters and the writing.  I really wish they had let go of the seniors (not that I have anything against those actors).

30 Rock - I hope they go out with a bang because I was starting to really not like the show.
Parks & Recreation - Another favorite that's just as good as it has always been.  Long live Ron Swanson!

Made in Jersey - Kind of cute, but kind of meh.  If this got cancelled I would have no actual feelings about it.

America's Next Top Model - ANTM, I just can't quit you.  I love your crazy, crazy ways.  Tyra, never change. 

Fringe - I can't believe this is the end.  I will miss John Noble terribly.  I think he is one of the most underrated actors on TV.  He's fragile, determined, loyal, and kind.

Grimm - Not sure why I'm still watching this either.  I like it but I don't love it.  This season hasn't wowed me yet.
Community - Ugh.  It's been pushed back and I'm bummed.  I miss it so very much.

Wow, that's a lot of tv.  I promise I do things away from my television. I even occasionally read books.  I was going to insert links in this but I'd be here forever.  I did a fall preview post that has a few links so you can use that one if you need it.  Now leave me be so I can watch my stories.

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