Monday, October 29, 2012

Walking Dead - recap-a-palooza

“Walk With Me”

Um, a helicopter?  It crashes and Michonne and Andrea see the smoke from a few miles away.  Guess where they’re headed?

Andrea’s still not doing well so she rests, guarded by the pets, while Michonne checks out the wreckage.  She has to quickly retreat because a couple of trucks are pulling up to the wreckage.  This is when we’re treated to our first sighting of the Governor.  From some nearby bushes, Michonne and Andrea watch the Governor and his flunkies inspect the downed helicopter.  He shoots two of the occupants and we see the change had already taken effect on at least one of them.  A walker shambles up to and then right past our girls, totally ignoring them.  Cool.  I have a theory about this that’s later confirmed by the show.  So yay for me.  The pets get all worked up about something and won’t quiet down so Michonne fixes this by chopping off their heads with her handy katana.  Well I guess they won’t be around much anymore.  The Governor and his men decide whatever the noise in the bushes was is now gone…that is, until Merle happens upon them from behind.  He’s got this nifty bayonet where his hand used to be.  He immediately recognizes Andrea and then she passes out.  She fades in and out while being transported and we see tiny bits of the area but not much else.

Andrea is being treated by a doctor, Merle comes in and they catch up on old times.  She tells him how she got separated but gives him news that his little brother, Darryl, had really stepped up to be a vital part of their group. Then she cuts to the chase, “What do you want from us?”  Michonne has been quiet this whole time, which does not go unnoticed by Merle.  He starts to point out how ungrateful she’s being now that she’s being treated and they’re currently pretty dang safe.  Andrea thanks him, which pisses off Michonne.  Apparently she’s never heard the flies/honey/vinegar thing.  The Governor enters and is friendly enough.  Andrea and Michonne are upset at his having killed two of the guys on the downed helicopter.  The Governor replies that they had changed but Andrea and Michonne are confused because they hadn’t been bitten.  A knowing and slightly pitying look crosses over the Governor’s face when he realizes they don’t know the deal with the infection.  He explains the situation to them and then opens the doors to the outside.  They are welcomed to Woodbury, a lovely, quiet little town…blockaded from outside forces.  Merle is up on the blockade taking out a few “biters” and refers to the Governor by name.  This sparks Andrea’s interest and asks him about it.  He brushes it off as a nickname but Andrea is all over that, “Buzz is a nickname. Governor is a title. There’s a difference.”  Indeed.  He takes them to a room with food, a bed and even a shower and leaves.

The next morning Andrea and a still very quiet Michonne are getting a tour of Woodbury from some chick.  There are 73 folks living in Woodbury and life is pretty safe overall.  Of course Michonne is skeptical.  Meanwhile the rescued helicopter dude is telling the Governor his story from his hospital gurney.  There are others from his unit that were left behind while he and the two other guys scouted ahead in the chopper.  The governor assures him that if he tells him where they are he’ll get them.  He’s trying to be reassuring but I can’t help but get a chill.  I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something there.  I know we’re not supposed to trust this guy but as I haven’t read too far in the books I don’t know why. Yet.

The Governor walks through town and to a lab-type place where Dallas Roberts (I love this actor, he always shows up in stuff I watch) is checking out the pets…who are still alive…sort of.  He’s figured out how genius it was of Michonne to not only chop off their arms but to take away their jaws.  She made them docile.  Plus they worked as walker repellant because of their smell.  It’s pretty smart, actually.  During their conversation we learn that the Governor keeps Dallas around because he’s not exactly a yes man and he makes good tea.  Governor and Dallas are having breakfast with Michonne and Andrea.  Dallas (who I’m sure has a character name but it’s escaped me) asks Michonne about her pets but of course she doesn’t answer and instead scowls at him with the meanest look on her face.  She spends most of breakfast eating her eggs and staring at her katana, which is on display in a hutch.  The Governor explains the purpose of their little community to Andrea (Michonne being all pre-occupied with their weapons).  The folks of Woodbury are getting on with life and not waiting to be rescued.  At the end of breakfast Michonne finally speaks and, as expected, says they want their weapons back.  The Governor replies they should stay a while and rest.  They'll get their weapons when they finally leave.  Hmmm…I’m starting to think they can’t leave.

We see the men from the National Guard convoy that helicopter guy left behind.  Governor waves a white flag as he drives up to their camp and says all the right things to take the guys off alert.  They’re happy to hear helicopter guy is ok.  Then the Governor shoots one guy in the head and it turns into a bloodbath.  Um, I’m guessing they killed these relatively healthy, military guys for their weapons.  Wow.  They could have been useful but maybe hard to control?  Alrighty.

Upon return to Woodbuy, the Governor stands on top of a vehicle and speechifies about how the “biters” had gotten to the men first but that the folks should be grateful for all the weapons and meds they were able to recover from their camp.  Yikes!  As he wanders off, Andrea asks his real name.  He says, “I never tell.”  She replies with a never say never quip and he says, “Never.”  Yup, chilling.  He goes home, pours a drink, ignores the naked chick in his bed, takes a long look at a picture of him with his wife and daughter and then enters a locked room.  He sits down, takes a drink and we see what he’s looking at…a wall of fish tanks filled with heads.  Lots and lots of “biter” heads.  Oh and the head of the rescued helicopter guy who hadn’t even turned yet.  Whoa.

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