Monday, October 8, 2012

Pitch Perfect- A fitting title

My first thought, before seeing the film, was that Pitch Perfect would be an amusing, film-length version of Glee. I'm currently hate-watching Glee and am REALLY happy for this break until November.  I need this time to decide whether I'm going to keep watching.  But that's for a potential rant, not a review of Pitch Perfect.  The day or so before seeing Pitch Perfect I heard someone, possibly Ryan Seacrest (don't ask) describe it as Bring it On with a little Bridesmaids.  As Rebel Wilson is in both Pitch and Bridesmaids I thought that might be an easy leap to make.  However I was a little skeptical of the comparison to Bring It On, a much beloved movie that currently enjoys a spot in my "movies I'd bring to a deserted island" list.  I looooooove Bring It On but I do not love any of it's offspring (Bring It On: Again; All or Nothing; In It to Win It; or, I kid you not, Fight to the Finish). These all exist and I swear I've only seen one.)  Anywhoodle, I was a little hesitant when that was the movie to which it was being compared.

Turns out it was indeed a lot like Bring It On original sauce and way better than I expected.  The only likeness to Glee is the mention of Regionals and that's it. There is no singing of feelings in this movie.  People are able to express themselves through speaking and not singing.  It's utterly refreshing.  Wait, there is another thing that's slightly Glee-esque and it's the song mash-ups, however it's done much better in Pitch Perfect

The story is essentially the same as the one in Bring it On.  The black eyeliner wearing misfit joins a group competing on a national stage.  Their big competition is not a group from a college in East L.A. but rather the all-male a capella group from their very same school.  The leader of the girls' group, the Bellas, is holding tightly to tradition but black eyeliner girl (who happens to be a talented DJ) wants to push them into the current century.  Will they make it to nationals at NY's Lincoln Center?  Will the guy get the girl?  C'mon, it's a fun, happy movie so you know the answer.  But it sure is a fun ride to an expected ending.

The cast was great and Anna Kendrick continues to prove she's the only Twilight cast member with any talent.  Rebel Wilson is hilarious and loveable.  Sure, the other girls in the group all fit into some sort of stereotype but they all did well with their respective stereotypes, if that helps.  I love, love, love Kendrick's love-interest, Jesse, played by Skyler Astin,.  He's adorable (see photo below) and a very good singer.  

C'Mon! Adorable!!!

Pitch Perfect was fun, funny and incredibly entertaining.  As soon as the movie ended my friends and I checked for the soundtrack.  They actually have most of the songs from the movie exactly as they were sung (aka not the original arrangements, singers).  My only complaint is that the length of the song on the soundtrack is directly related to the length it played in the movie.  For instance, they sang "Party in the USA" for about a minute in the movie and that's how long it is on the soundtrack.  I was hoping to get the full thing.  Not that I like Miley Cyrus songs or anything.  That would be crazy!  Me...listening to Miley Cyrus...Ha!  If I did, it would be, like, ironic or something.  'Cause...Miley Cyrus!  I mean...ew, right?!?!


  1. I totally described this as Bridesmaids and Glee - even though you say it's not very gleeish. But I don't watch Glee....

    Anyhow, I loved loved loved this with you and there is nothing better than singing with you in a theatre!

  2. Everybody, except for Anna Kendrick, is funny and energetic and they all definitely make this movie a lot better than it had any darn right to be in the first-place. Good review Alisa.