Friday, October 26, 2012

Trailer Park

Oh how I love Fridays.  I'm guessing y'all have already seen the Iron Man 3 trailer but it's worth posting anyway.  I've got a few documentaries in here too and they'll be at the end. 

Lay the Favorite - Oh yeah.  I'm gonna love this.

A Good Day to Die Hard - Ok, I'm totally in. Excellent use of music in a trailer too.  

Evil Dead - I can't say it enough RED BAND!  Please be aware that this trailer is pretty rough. 
Have I mentioned that the original was my first horror movie? It's haunted me ever since. 
I think this one would haunt me too.

Safe Haven- How about a little Nicholas Sparks palate cleanser after Evil Dead?

Iron Man 3 - Everyone should have seen this by now, right? 

Empires of the Deep - this movie has suffered lots of problems.  
It looks cool but I'm guessing it will be a bust.

A Haunted House - How has it taken the Wayans this long to parody the Paranormal Activity franchise?

Save the Date - I'm absolutely going to love this movie. I just know it.

Dragon - This looks cool.

Carrie - Just a teaser trailer but an effective one. 
I can't wait to see Julianne Moore as the mother.

And now the documentaries:

Rising from Ashes - This looks pretty uplifting

High Ground - I really hope this plays on IMAX. Also I really hope I remember to bring tissues.

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