Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 1

"On the first day of Christmas my TV gave to me...Christmas with Holllllyyyy."

Did you see Christmas with Holly on ABC Sunday night?  It was their Hallmark Hall of Fame movie and I knew it had to be good since it was airing on network television and not directly to the Hallmark channel.  So was I right?  Mostly!

Ok, so it was utterly predictable but it was better than most. These tv movies are incredibly formulaic but once in a while they can surprise you.  This one didn't surprise me but it wasn't OVERLY cheesy either so that was good.  I read a few slightly mean reviews and half of them didn't even get the story right.  I'm wondering if the reviewer actually watched it all.

Speaking of the story, we have young Holly mom has just passed away and she's now in the care of her uncle Mark.  Holly's not speaking so Mark decides that it'd be better if he moves her away from her school and home in Seattle and back to his home on a quaint little island nearby.  He's been renting his place so they move in with his two brothers, Scott and Alex.  Uncle Alex is a smart science guy and Uncle Scott has a bad perm and is in construction (see photo).  Honestly, Uncle Scott is super cute so why on earth did they think a perm was a good idea?!?!  Actually, his hair might have been my biggest complaint about the movie.  Anywhoodle, Mark meets a new girl to the island, Maggie, who is there opening a toy shop.  You can pretty much predict what happens with them.

What I did like about it was that the movie was less about the love story between Mark and Maggie and more about the care of Holly.  The relationship between the brothers and between them and Holly was fun and sweet. Everyone in the movie had great chemistry with each other even though the acting was, well, what you'd expect from a TV movie.

As I mentioned, this aired on ABC but will be repeating on Hallmark starting this Sunday I believe.  So keep your eye out for it.  It's fun, and tender and sweet.  Plus I want to know if I'm alone in my opinion about Uncle Scott's hair. 

Check back tomorrow for Day 2!  I hope one of the movies I've watched rhymes with 'doves.'  I'm not worried. 

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