Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 6

"On the sixth day of Christmas my TV gave to meeee...Hallmark's The Wishing Treeeee."

Everyone's favorite Iron Eagle, Jason Gedrick, stars as Evan, a quirky English teacher at a boarding school whose job is on the line.  Oh and he's a widower.  And he gets stuck taking care of the school's orphan kids, the ones who had nowhere to go for Christmas.  One of those kids is a spoiled rich boy whose parents are too busy getting divorced to spend any time with him.  One kid is a poor girl from the west coast who can't afford to go home.  The third and final kid is a nerdy guy who wants to get extra work done or something.

There's also a very pretty and kind of pushy lady teacher, Clarissa, who has her eye on the widowed (widowered?) Evan.  He's still having dreams of his dead wife so there doesn't seem to be much room for Clarissa.  Especially because poor Evan is trying to get spoiled rich boy under control. He destroyed the town's titular wishing tree along with the hopes and dreams of all those who left a wish on said tree.  West coast poor girl wants to be a singer but has stage fright.  And nerdy guy just wants a date or something.

Will Evan save his job, get the girl, bail out spoiled, rich boy, give west coast poor girl confidence and get nerdy boy a girl?  Gee, I wonder...  You can never tell with these sappy tv movies.  I actually did like this one but there seemed to be something a little off with Gedrick's performance.  Other than that it was sweet and worthy of a watch.

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