Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 12 Finally!

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my TV gave to meeee...Summer Glau as an elf!"

This was tough, the whole having to post every day thing.  I didn't save the best for last but Hallmark's Help for the Holidays was decent.  Sure, it was as predictable as all the rest but Summer Glau just makes things better.

So the story is this: Glau plays one of Santa's elves and is sent (by the big guy himself) to help a family who has lost their Christmas spirit.  This is perplexing because the mom and dad own a store where they sell Christmas stuff.  There's some other part of it where Christine Prancer (her non-North Pole name) falls for the brother of the mom she's trying to help.  However if she falls in love with him then she faces dire consequences upon return to the North Pole. 
Will the family find their Christmas spirit again?  Will Christine choose love over toy-making?  Could Summer Glau be any cuter?  I can't really answer the first two questions because I didn't finish the movie.  Oops.  It's Christmas Eve and I had stuff to do, family to see and a dinner to eat.  But I can answer the third question and the correct response is "No.  She cannot be any cuter."  I will be finishing the movie eventually but I'm guessing that it will all end well.  And on that note...

Happy Christmas!  Happy (belated) Hannukah!  Happy (belated) Festivus!  Happy (early) Kwanzaa!

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