Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 7 (getting in under the wire)

"On the 7th day of Christmas, my tv gave to me...a singing competition."

Natasha Henstridge, she of the other Species, stars in Hallmark's Christmas Song.  It was ok.  It was cheesy as heck and I had some major issues with some of the singing voices but, like I said, it was ok. 

So the story is this: Two private schools, one for boys and one for girls, have combined and now there are two music programs.  The girls have Miss Deason (Henstridge) who teaches them with a more classical approach.  The boys have Mr. Stoddard (played by Gabriel Hogan [son of Michael Hogan, aka Col Tigh from BSG]) who teaches with a more current flair.  The school can only afford one music program so it's up to the teachers and a few chosen students to compete in a local singing competition.  Whichever teacher's team wins gets to keep their job.  Woo!  Each teacher recruits kids with stories (popular wrestling boy and wheelchair boy; popular, spoiled girl and shy girl) and lessons will soon be learned.  In the meantime Miss Deason and Mr. Stoddard keep getting set up by an online dating service even though they are sure it's a mistake.

Will one of the teachers lose their job?  Will Miss Deason and Mr. Stoddard fall in love even though they're competing?  Will shy girl get over her shyness?  Will anyone ever actually care that these movies are so terribly predictable?  Will a Christmas go by when I don't insist on watching these cheesy movies?

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