Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 3

"On the third day of Christmas my TV gave to meeee....three...uh...threeeee...dang.  Oh forget it."
I made the grave mistake of watching a travesty called The March Sisters on Lifetime.  Actually that's not true.  I watched about 10-15 minutes of it and had to turn it off.  Listen, I'm in no mood to be posting today so this was the perfect movie for me to think (very little) about. 

As you might be able to glean from the title, some genius decided to update Louisa May Alcott's characters, the March sisters.  Maybe if it had been better written I would have given it a chance.  Maybe if the acting had been better I would have given it a chance.  Maybe if I'm incredibly bored some night and someone has stolen all my DVDs, I'll give it a second chance.  But for now...listen and listen good:


Update Shakespeare all you want.  It's perfect for current adaptations.  So is Jane Austen, actually, so you have my permission to attack her material as well.  But leave those 'little women' alone.

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