Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 11

"On the 11th day of Christmas, my TV gave to meeee...The Mistle-Tones!"
For some reason I'm terribly ashamed of myself for actually liking this movie.  ABC Family delivered with The Mistle-Tones this year.  Ok, it was totally cheesy, not terribly well-acted, and I'm pretty sure not too many people were doing their own singing (with the possible exception of Tia Mowry and the male lead, Jonathan Patrick Moore).  Sure, Tori Spelling was in it but it was a goofy role and she cheesed it up just right.  The performance-y songs were way too Glee-esque but it was still fun to watch.
So the story is this: Tia Mowry's "Holly" (of course) is obsessed with being part of a singing group, the Snow Belles, that performs at the local mall on Christmas Eve.  Her mom was an original Belle and it's always been Holly's dream to follow in her since-passed mom's footsteps.  She auditions and is fantastic but the Belle's leader, Marci (played by Spelling) doesn't want to be outshined, so Holly doesn't get in.  Instead she convinces the manager of the mall to hold a competition because why should the Snow Belles get to be the center of attention every year.  In another plot line, Holly falls for her boss "Nick" (of course), played by Aussie cutie, Moore.  Of course there's some deal with him getting a promotion and moving to the company's office in India.  I guess that even love gets outsourced.  Sorry.

Yes, it all works out in the end.  Yes, it's corny as heck.  Yes, there is a massive amount of obvious lip-synching.  But it was still fun and I would watch this one again. 

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