Monday, December 3, 2012

The Walking Dead - recap-o-rama

“Made to Suffer”

The episode opens on the woods and cuts to a walker shambling though said woods.  This gets me wondering about the state of walker life, as it were.  Do they ever stop shambling to take a break?  Do walker feet blister?  Do fat walkers lose weight from all the walking/shambling?  Do I need to stop wondering about things that don’t exist (yet)?  Anywhoodle, we meet a new guy who is following some screams in the woods.  He, TYRESE!, finds the rest of his group and leads them to an abandoned building (with a tower) that he saw.  Oh boy.  A woman in their group gets bitten and when they reach the aforementioned building, there’s some discussion as to what to do with her because she’ll eventually turn.  This has me wondering if they know the deal.  They keep her around for her 16-year old son’s benefit because he’s not ready to let her go yet.  Dude, grow up.  Chances are that you won’t have to finish her off like some other sons we know.  Sure, it’s your mom and it’s sad and all but get a grip.  They wander over a fence to the building and we get a wide shot of a…prison.  Yep that would appear to be the backside of our prison.

Actually I think I’m going to get all the prison stuff out of the way now.  Beth has the baby and Axel is complimenting her on skills in a very creepy way.  Carol sees this and stomps it out really quick.  Axel’s defense is that A) they haven’t seen women in a while; B) Maggie is taken and C) Carol is a lesbian (because of her hair).  Heh.  She straightens him out, so to speak, and he decides to warm up to her instead.  So not going to happen, Axel.

Carl isn’t convinced that Rick and the group will be returning, which is logical and shows he’s lost any sort of hope or optimism.  Poor kid.  They hear screams and Hershel half-heartedly tries to stop Carl from investigating.  The door to the boiler room is open and Carl sees the group from the woods. He helps them with a few of the walkers giving them trouble and leads them back to C-block.

The woman they’ve been carrying around finally dies and Carl offers to “take care of it.”  But Tyrese lets Carl know they take care of their own.  While Tyrese is about to shoot her, Carl has slunk off and locked them in that outer waiting room just outside the cells.  This pisses off Tasha but Tyrese understands wanting to protect your own.  He also knows that being in this prison is the safest they’ve been. 

Meanwhile in Woodbury…

Andrea is doing her hair real pretty for her creepy boyfriend and is distracted by the photo of him with his wife and daughter, Penny (pre-zombie apocalypse).  He enters the room, doesn’t notice her hair but does say that he thinks she’s really taken to life in Woodbury.  Andrea leaves to help Milty the science guy bury Mr. Coleman from last week’s episode.  The Governor stays to have some father daughter time with Penny the mini-walker.  He sings to her along with a CD and it does seem to get her attention for a second but then that’s not what really has her attention.  I watched the scene twice but still didn't quite catch what it was they were looking at.
Glaggie are catching up and Glenn wants to make sure the Governor didn’t actually touch Maggie.  She assures him that the Governor didn’t and then says something that totally sums up the entire season so far, “All this time running from walkers you forget what people do.  Have always done.”  Too true.  (Apropos of nothing…I totally (yet unintentionally) got Maggie’s haircut this weekend.)  Glenn decides to tear off the arm of the dead walker in the room with them.  It sounds really gross as it’s happening so props to the sound guys on this show.  Effective crunching that made me totally queasy.  It seems as though Glenn thinks they should use said walkers broken bones as weapons.  Clever.

Rick and crew are assessing the situation outside the wall when Michonne pops up with a way in.  Inside the wall, the Governor and Merle are discussing what to do with the group at the prison (Rick’s group, not Tyrese’s group).  The Governor wants to take them out but assures Merle that he’ll be able to convince Daryl to be their inside man.  Oh and the Governor wants Glaggie taken to the “screamer pits.”  Screamer pits?!?!?!  This is to ensure that Andrea doesn’t find out they’re there.

Merle and a unnamed Woodbury thug go to get Glaggie but the latter gets the jump on them.  Maggie kills unnamed thug but Glenn struggles with Merle and his bayonet hand.  A gun goes off and it gets the attention of everybody in Woodbury, including Rick and the gang.  Maggie pulls a gun on Merle but is then surrounded by more Woodbury thugs.  Oh well.  It’s a good thing that Rick and crew were able to zero in on Glaggie’s location from the gunfire.  They use smoke bombs as a distraction and actually get Glaggie back.  Yay!  Daryl didn’t see Merle through the smoke.  Boo. 

The Governor has to do some damage control with the townspeople who all assume they’re under attack.  They are correct in that assumption and go to hide in their homes.  The Governor tells his thugs to shoot to kill.  Michonne breaks from the group while they hide in a house and Glenn takes this time to tell Daryl that Merle has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting with their capture and torture.  Daryl wants to find Merle but Rick talks him out of it.  The Governor wants Andrea to go house to house to check on the townies but she’d much rather take part in the shootout.  She starts to check on people but then, magically, has a gun and starts shooting.  Luckily she doesn’t actually shoot anyone and luckily for the Governor the only one from Rick’s group that she sees is the black prisoner she wouldn’t have recognized anyway. 

Michonne is at the Governor’s apartment, lying in wait for him.  Rick and crew start shooting their way out and have no interest in Michonne who has basically abandoned them for her own agenda.  Luckily Rick’s group are better shots but it’s not enough for them to get away cleanly.  Daryl offers to lag back and give them cover fire.  Then Rick thinks he sees Shane but it’s just some other guy who successfully shoots Oscar.  Bummer. (If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd wonder if they have a rule about one black guy on the show at a time but I'm not so I don't.)

Michonne hears thumping behind a door and it’s very possible I yelled, “Don’t go in there, girl” but I don’t remember for sure because I’m all sorts of tense.  She finds the tanks full of walker heads and then she hears the thumping again.  Of course she decides to investigate the thumping.  She lets Penny out, unchains her and removes the bag on her head.  She’s shocked to see the state of Penny and is about to kill her when the Governor stops her.  He begs Michonne to not hurt his little girl but she does anyway.  This does not please the Governor and a fight ensues.  It’s brutal.  He even shoves Michonne’s head into one of the tanks.  She brings down a couple more of the tanks and one head is still trying to bite her.  Wow.  They’re still fighting and Michonne goes for her trusty katana but can’t reach it.  She can, however, reach a shard of glass on one of the fish tanks.  So she stabs the Governor in the eye with the glass.  THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!!!  Andrea stumbles upon the scene and keeps her gun pulled on Michonne who has her katana out and ready.  Michonne knows Andrea’s not going to shoot her so she just walks out leaving Andrea to clean things up.  Andrea gets a load of the tanks and the Governor, still with the glass in his eye (EWWWWW!!! I. CAN’T. WATCH. THIS.), clutching his (twice) dead daughter. 

We get a close up of the Governor’s eye while the doctor lady inspects it.  Again, ewww!  Andrea questions the Governor about why Michonne returned with such a vendetta against him.  Then she asks about the tanks.  And Penny.  Milty and Merle enter and the Governor seems to remember the story Merle told about killing Michonne.  I’m thinking Merle isn’t long for Woodbury or this world.

Michonne meets up with Rick and the gang and he pulls a gun on her.  And he takes away her katana.  Do you think she’s named her katana?  Do you think she ever told Andrea what she named her katana?  Rick wants her gone but she knows they still need her to either escape or go back in to find Daryl.

At ‘biter coliseum,’ the townies are gathered and the Governor spins the story of their situation as if they were victims.  He does admit that he failed them and doesn’t lie to them about their safety.  So there’s that.  He calls out Merle, though, and says it was he who led the terrorists (Rick, et al.) to Woodbury and let them in.  He’s not totally wrong if you look at it a certain way.  They then bring Daryl into the coliseum and the Governor asks what to do with the brothers.  There is much chanting of "Kill Them!" and "Death to the traitors!"  I’ve never seen Daryl look nervous before now.

Daryl and his poncho will see you next year!

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