Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 Days of Cheesy Holiday TV Movies - Day 10

Grade: B
Channel: Hallmark

Nope, I didn't spell the title wrong.  It is indeed, a tail.  As in the tail on a dog.  Yes folks, we have reached the talking dog portion of the Cheesy Christmas tv movies.  A Christmas Wedding Tail is a cute and not too terribly cheesy tv movie, except for the dogs of course. Real life couple, Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox (take a second to think of their wedding announcement in the newspaper...I'll it?  Good) provided the voices for Rusty (on the right) and Cheri (on the left).  Mostly they narrated but it was still dogs talking.

The story is: SHE is Susan (played by Jennie Garth, a big city girl, temporarily stuck in her mom's house in California's wine country until she finds a new museum job.  HE is Jake (played by Brad Rowe), owner of a local winery.  She owns Rusty the golden retriever dog and he owns Cheri the standard poodle.They meet thanks to the dogs and fall quickly in love.  Oh and she is a widow with three sensitive boys (a computer nerd, a chef, and a selective mute) and he's a widower with two tomboy daughters (an athlete and a lover of all things icky).  The families blend easily and there's an engagement at Thanksgiving with a wedding to take place at Christmas.  But before they get hitched there's a hitch (I'm so dang clever).  She's just been offered a job at a big time museum in NYC.  It's what she's been working toward all her life.  But then there's the guy.  He's super sweet, loves her kids and is totally rich and incredibly hot.  Career?  Man?  Both?  Nah, not both.  Which will she choose?  Will the kids always get along so well?  Why is Tom Arnold in this?  WHY ARE THE DOGS TALKING???  I'll never know.

Ok, so aside from the uber-cheese of talking dogs I kinda liked this one.  I'm thinking Jennie Garth was made for these roles.  She brings a down to earth quality to these movies and has a natural chemistry with everyone.  It made me miss California...especially when they went to Solvang to look into wedding cakes.  I've TOTALLY been to that bakery. It was nice to see Brad Rowe again.  And although the talking dog thing was a turn off it's cute that they used a real couple.  Yes, the relationship is a bit rushed but when your widowed (widowered?) I guess if you know you know.

I totally should have written *SPOILER ALERT* above this pic, huh?

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