Friday, December 9, 2011

Community & Parks and Recreation - Didja watch?

Didja watch Community "Regional Holiday Music?" If you had you woulda seen:

- The best homage/slam of Glee ever.  Seriously.  This show is Uh-Mazing. 

- The Glee Club interrupts lunch but Jeff is suspiciously calm about it.  A rep from ASCAP interrupts their pop music mash up of Elton Lil' John Lennon with a cease and desist.  You see....SOMEONE called with an anonymous tip that they were performing unlicensed material.  The Glee Club is so torn up about it they end up in the hospital with a collective nervous breakdown.  WHAT WILL THEY DO ABOUT REGIONALS?!?!

- The study group initially passes on filling in as the emergency Glee Club even though the coach, Mr. Radison (aka Mr. Rad; aka SNL's Taran Killam, aka Mr. Robin Sparkles), tries his best to convince the group.  His sweater vests are no match for the group. 

- It's now that I realize they're even using the transitional boo dee boops and bum duh duh duhs they use frequently on Glee. I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW.

- Mr. Rad decides the divide and conquer method is the way to go and Abed is first up.  Their duet is all about why Glee is so great. Abed's best lyrics: "I'll understand every scene because they'll sing what they mean instead of making a face."

- Abed's in.  Now can he get Troy to join?  Troy's a Jehovah's Witness and not allowed to celebrate holidays.  Abed suggests he infiltrate it spy-like.  That's all Troy needed to hear.  He's in but not before Childish Gambino shows up to rap (with Abed) "Christmas Infiltration." 
- Next up is Pierce who they sway with a song about baby boomers and Christmas.  He's an easy win.  Pierce then rounds up a small choir of sad looking inner city kids who put into music their confusion about why their public school won't tell them what the holiday is all about.  SHIRLEY CAN'T RESIST!  She's in!

- Brita runs screaming to Jeff but he's gone too.  Annie wooed him with an uber-sexy, Betty Boop style song complete with sexy Santa outfit.

- The night of the performance Mr. Rad lets slip to Abed that it's not just about Regionals but there's all different levels of competition and they're stuck.  Abed gives up his part to Brita who Britas her performance; says Dean, "Oh. Brita's in this?"  Mr. Rad turns on Brita and then the group.  Well that was short lived. AS IS THIS SHOW.

- The episode ends but not before there's a Kings of Leon shout out.  You see, that's funny because they won't let Glee use their music. Ha!  The Carol of the Bells featuring the Dean and some of the other semi-regulars is pretty great too.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation "Citizen Knope?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Leslie's on suspension but that doesn't keep her from sneaking in to work.  Ben comes up with a great idea for her to keep busy with a community activism project.  Yeah, that'll go well.

- Ben is interviewing for jobs since he "resigned in disgrace."  The poor guy actually applies for a job doing in-house accounting for an accounting firm.  I think I fell asleep typing that last sentence.

- It's gift time and as expected, Leslie gives absolutely perfect gifts.  Andy gets a gold record for the 100 Mouserat albums he sold in Pawnee.  Ron gets a remote that closes his office doors at the same time.  It gets him a little choked up.  Ron decides that the office needs to work on getting Leslie the best present they can think of.  Mostly they're stuck but Tom does a word cloud of the things she says most.  I love that she says "Ann" as much as she says "Pawnee."

- Sadly for Leslie her poll numbers tanked after her scandal so her campaign advisers dump her.  Boo!

- Ben, with help from Leslie, realizes he's not sure what he wants to do.  She assures him that it's ok and he shouldn't rush into just any job.  Awww!  They're so great for each other.

- The office, based on her word cloud decide to make her a gingerbread model of the Parks Department.  Ron wasn't a huge part of it but he makes a scale model of her behind a desk in the City Council office.  Their real gifts is that they're going to take over her campaign.  Awwww!  For once they outdo Leslie and she's totally fine with it.

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