Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Days of Cheesy Holiday TV Movies - Day 11

Grade: A-
Channel: ABC Family

Yep, we've got another "A!"  Ok, it's an "A-" but it's pretty close to great.  As you can see this one stars Amy Smart and ZACK! (aka Mark Paul Gosselaar).  I think Smart is adorable and I've loved Zack, er, MPG since I was a teenager so I'm glad they landed in a decent cheesy Christmas movie.  So let's get to it!

The story is: SHE is Kate (not Katie), a singleton who is doomed to live Christmas Eve over and over again, Groundhog Day style.  HE is Miles, a widower and all-around amazing guy (a parkitect for a living and hockey coach and tutor for a boys group home in his spare time).  She's still stuck on her ex who has moved on (he's going to propose to his new girlfriend) and doesn't see what a catch he is.  Add to the mix her father, his new wife, her friend, her neighbor, a dude at a bar who looks a lot like Rivers Cuomo, and some other randoms that she befriends over and over and over. 

He's just so dang wonderful!

Periodically she's pisses him off or brushes him off.  Then a couple of times they have an incredible night together and she learns something about herself.  No matter what happens she always ends up meeting him though so she learns about fate and what it has done in her life so far. 

Ok, so the story is a rehash and you can pretty much guess what happens at the end but the journey was fun.  She has some fun with her curse of reliving the same 12 hours over again.  She goes on a shopping spree, gets a tattoo, dyes her hair black and so on. Plus she and MPG had fun chemistry so it was fun to watch.  Why isn't it an "A" you ask?  HER EYELINER!!!  Just look:
It's awful.  Half the time it's running down to her cheekbones.  Just awful.  There were a couple of times that her eye makeup looked better though so I was able to relax a bit.

I'm kind of scared that today's movie was pretty good.  I really hope tomorrow's isn't bad.  Though maybe bad would be kind of fun.  We'll see.

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