Friday, December 2, 2011

Potent Notables

 Various things that have caught my attention this week.  Please to enjoy...

 - COME ON!!! How cute is that? I think the David Meowie (above) is my favorite with Devo a close second.

- Infographic time!!!  And you know I love me some infographics. 

- Let’s check in with Joss on how he approachedthe characters for The Avengers.

- I love finding websites like the Leila texts.  I wonder if Verizon will ever fix it for her.  I kinda hope not. 

- Wow.  Daniel Day Lewis looks pretty great as Abraham Lincoln.

- Movie marketing gone awry!  Would people really buy Hunger Games nail polish?  The fact that I was trying to get the Muppet nail polish is beside the fact.

I spent a lot of time on pajiba the other night…

- Johnny Depp's leading ladies haven't all fared as well as he has.  Good for Charlize and Juliette.  They seemed to escape the curse.

- Some great moments of dancing.

- I guess it's hard out there for good looking men who also happen to be funny.  Wait, they're famous, well-paid actors.  No sympathy from me.

- In honor of Community I'll end with the Beetlejuice easter egg that took them three years to set up.

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